N.Y. C-stores See Little Benefit From Tribal Tax Change

By Melissa Kress ALBANY, N.Y. — It’s been more than two years since the courts gave New York State the go-ahead to collect an excise tax on national brand cigarettes sold onNative American reservations in the state. The move should have been a win for competing convenience stores, which had been at a price disadvantage due […]


Joe Nocera Op Ed- THE NEW YORK TIMES- DECEMBER 7, 2013 Imagine a product — a legal but lethal one — that kills 400,000 Americans a year. Public health advocates have been trying for decades to persuade Americans not to use it. The industry has been sued and sued again, but it is still operating […]

100 Words on E-Cigarettes: Deals Being Cut “In Smoke-Filled Rooms”

I wonder if EU Commission officials have reflected on the irony of this idiom as they seek to overturn Parliament’s rejection of medicinal regulation.  Today’s meeting rooms benefit from being clear of tobacco smoke and from the light streaming through glass windows and walls.  The media and Europe’s 10 million voting vapers are peering in. […]

Vaping State Of Mind-Quick Takes From Our Inaugural E-Cig Forum

For those who were not able to attend. It was a very good event! Lou                                                                                 […]

The Scientific Evidence for E-Cigarettes

The Scientific Evidence for E-Cigarettes by Brad Rodu November 11, 2013 http://blog.heartland.org/2013/11/the-scientific-evidence-for-e-cigarettes/ The Scientific Evidence for E-Cigarettes I am honored to join Drs. Riccardo Polosa and Pasquale Caponnetto and their colleagues at the University of Catania in Italy as a coauthor of a new scientific article on e-cigarettes published in Harm Reduction Journal (available here).  We scientifically disprove the stated […]

E-cigarettes: “Gateway to nowhere”

http://acsh.org/2013/11/e-cigarettes-gateway-nowhere-slope-slippery/ E-cigarettes: “Gateway to nowhere”— slope is not so slippery, after all. Posted on November 1, 2013 by admin While many public health experts well-versed in tobacco issues believe that e-cigarettes may be a major improvement in helping addicted smokers quit, a concern among others has been whether the devices might instead encourage non-smokers (especially teens) to experiment […]

It’s Time to be a Tobacco Advocate

http://www.csdecisions.com/2013/10/21/time-tobacco-advocate/ E-cigarette retailers and distributors need to understand and educate the public about the safer tobacco products on the market today. By Lou Maiellano. Something has happened to e-cigarettes. As recently as two years ago as I would visit distributors and retailers, I would be asked by those responsible for purchasing, “I’m thinking about adding […]

NYC Raises Smoking Age to 21

NYC Raises Smoking Age to 21  Oct 31, 2013 NYC Raises Smoking Age to 21 NEW YORK – The New York City Council voted to pass a bill raising the minimum age to purchasecigarettes and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21, according to an Associated Press report. The legislation makes New York the most populous place in the United States to […]