The Changing Vapescape

Dollar stores growing share; Vape shops not afraid of c-stores Published in CSP Daily News By Mitch Morrison, Vice President & Group Editor LAS VEGAS – The landscape of vape is undergoing a critical change. We’re not talking about the turbulent tide of tanks, mods, liquids and the glut of fresh products flowing into the […]

Altria – an alternative perspective

a comment from Ken Odeluga, a senior market analyst at   Altria’s need to reorient itself to the inexorable march of changing consumer habits and attitudes is thrown into sharp relief by data out overnight (from The Center for Disease Control) showing a significant decline in cigarette smoking among young people, together with a […]

Trendsettah USA, Inc. Continues to Grow with Launch of Game-Changing New Tobacco Product, Extendos™

Trendsettah USA, Inc. Continues to Grow with Launch of Game-Changing New Tobacco Product, Extendos™ Extended cigarillos are the latest innovative product to hit the market from powerhouse bicoastal company  Miami, Fla. – April 2, 2015 – Innovative lifestyle brands manufacturer, Trendsettah USA Inc., is blazing its trail in the tobacco industry once again with its newest […]

The pros and cons of e-cigs….

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes   Electronic cigarettes are the latest craze in the world of smoking cessation. They’ve been instrumental in helping thousands of people quit smoking for good, by satisfying nicotine cravings without the harmful effects of the smoke.   The use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, is widely […]

Inaugaral World Tobacco North America Event Invite

YOUR INVITATION TO ATTEND WT NORTH AMERICA The inaugural WT North America event will extend the widely successful WT series of events to the North American market. We invite you to register free of charge now, so that you can start planning your business meetings at the event. RSVP NOW at With a wealth […]

New products from Trendsettah

News……. Trendsettah USA Inc. has introduced two new flavors of their signature Splitarillos – high quality cigarillos produced in the Dominican Republic. The new flavors are 18k Gold™, made with a honey-maple syrup base and LOUD™, an ultra sweet flavor profile. You can check out more about their products here –

Fun quiz – test your memory

Over the past 25 years, the prices of everyday items and luxuries have changed a lot, including the price of cigarettes, which have just about quadrupled! Alongside the quiz, Provident conducted some research into how much the price of cigarettes has changed over the years and at what rate and here’s what they found;   […]

Modify the Risk, Enhance the Future

March 2015 Opinion: Modify the Risk, Enhance the Future By Lou Maiellano, President, TAZ In late November, I saw something I never thought they’d see: The New York Times printed a story about a tobacco company without its usual vitriol and animosity. The story, “A Lesser Warning? Maybe,” detailed the efforts of Swedish Match to […]