Imperial Tobacco Group

Imperial Tobacco Group reported a 4% decline in underlying tobacco volume for its first quarter, in line with the broader market. It also reported a 1% fall in underlying tobacco revenue, blaming the timing of a price increase in addition to reduced trading in Iraq and lower sales in US.

Like all tobacco companies it is struggling against falling sales as people cut down on smoking as they grow more health conscious. However Imperial Tobacco has diversified into two non-tobacco products showing flexibility in their product portfolio. Furthermore Imperial Tobacco has continued to focus on cost cutting and debt reduction which has enabled it to confirm its goal of increasing its dividend by at least 10% this year. The continued dividend growth makes imperial tobacco a solid income stock which has been noted by investors. The market cheered these results adding 1% to the value of the share which has had a strong year increasing over 36% since February 2014.

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Smoker – survey….Smokers would rather be in debt or lose their job than quit their habit

something which may be of interest – some data from ecigarettedirect.

We surveyed 1000 smokers and 20% of them said that smoking helped their career. Other stats included

  • 20% of people believe that smoking has improved their job/career opportunities
  • 45% of women are quitting smoking due to financial issues.
  • 31% of people from London have said that smoking has had a negative effect on their career.
  • Females voted starting a new job more stressful than getting married
  • Over one third (34%) of 25-34 year olds said that smoking has helped to improve their social life and 42% of them voted that smoking had improved their love life.
  • Stopping smoking was voted the most stressful task, above having children, divorce, losing their jobs and being in debt.

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Smokers would rather be in debt or lose their job than quit their habit

Following the news on Britain’s first outdoor smoking ban, and the plain packaging battle; we at wanted to get behind the lips of the smoker, and gain an insight into their thoughts and motives behind the habit. surveyed 2000 smokers in the UK on their unhappiest and happiest life moments. We gained an insight into people’s happiest milestones and also their most stressful times too.

It was just a month ago that many people across the world set themselves the 2015 target to quit smoking. In a bid to encourage this, Bristol becomes the first city in the UK to ban smoking in outdoor public places, political parties start battling for plain cigarette packaging, and a ban on smoking in cars is said to come into force in October this year.

However, according to our survey results, both men and women said that actually stopping smoking is the most stressful task to overcome in their lives. A whopping 57% of female participants admitted that stopping smoking is more stressful that having a child, moving house or even losing their jobs. Strangely, 20% of women said smoking has in fact helped improve their job/career opportunities, and actually believe that smoking improves their love life too (26%).

Male participants of this survey also have a similar view. 21% believe it has improved their job/career opportunities, 27% say smoking has helped their love life, and even 21% are under the impression that smoking in fact boosts their health.

Nonetheless, when we asked these participants what would be the reason they quit smoking, the majority of both men (52%) and women (60%) admitted that the main reason would be due to health. Only 23% of women said they would quit if they were having a child, while 45% said they would quit more because of financial reasons.

When comparing the prices of cigarettes across 25 years, a pack of 20 has quintupled from the 1990’s till now. 25 years ago, the average packet of 20 cigarettes cost £1.65 and now costs around £8.47. When averaging this across the year, smokers could be spending around £1,500 on the habit, and the cost of this is something that motivates a lot of current smokers to quit.

We asked both female and male participants of this survey why they initially started smoking. The majority (37%) said it was simply due to curiosity, while they admit they would be happier if they quit, they will miss it!

James Dunworth, director of Ecigarette Direct said “As our survey shows, quitting smoking is extremely stressful and difficult for many smokers. We need to help and support smokers who want to quit, rather than take actions that further stigmatise them.”

He further says “It is difficult to see the justification for banning smoking outdoors, as smoking remains legal, while plain packs is likely to give smuggling a huge boost, redirecting money from taxes to the criminal underworld.”

In addition, research by Martin Lindstrom, author of Buyology, suggests that anti-smoking messages have exactly the opposite effect to that intended, as they stimulate the part of the brain that produces nicotine cravings – more detail here: and here:


Smokers Stats

Gender split:

  • More women (34%) began smoking at age 12-16 than men did (31%)
  • The majority of both men and women began smoking though at age 17-21.
  • The majority of both men and women (over one third of respondents) admit that they began smoking out of curiosity.
  • More men (24%) than women (22%) began smoking due to peer pressure, while more women (21%) than men (19%) began smoking to impress a partner or a friend.
  • The five most stressful tasks for our female respondents were said to be:
  1. Stopping smoking (57%)
  2. Moving house (53%)
  3. Having a child (44%)
  4. Being in debt (40%)
    1. Losing your job (36%)

It is interesting to see here that women found stopping smoking to be more stressful than having a child and losing your job!

  • The five most stressful tasks for our male respondents were said to be:
  1. Stopping smoking (56%)
  2. Moving house (41%)
  3. Being in debt (35%)
  4. Losing your job (33%)
    1. Having a child (32%)

Again, here it is interesting to see that stopping smoking was found to be more stressful for men than losing a job, moving house and being in debt.

  • The majority of both men (52%) and women (60%) admitted that the main reason they want to quit smoking is potential health issues. The second most popular reason to quit for both sexes was financial issues.
  • Both men and women admitted that although they think they’ll be happier if they quit smoking, they will miss the habit.
  • Over a quarter of male respondents admitted that smoking has affected their hobbies (26%), social life (26%) and relationship with family (26%) in a negative way.
    • Interestingly, almost one quarter of female respondents (24%) said that smoking has improved their social life. Furthermore, over one quarter of women (26%) said that smoking has helped to improve their love life too and almost 20% of women said smoking has helped to improve their job/career opportunities!

Age split:

Note: There weren’t as many real stand out stats when dividing the data by age group.

  • For all age groups, stopping smoking was said to be the most stressful task. However, the 25-34 age group said that the most stressful task for them was moving house (46%). They ranked this just above stopping smoking (45%).
  • For all age groups, the main reason for wanting to quit smoking is potential health issues. The second reason for all groups is financial issues.
  • Interestingly, while all age groups said that they think they will be happier if they quit smoking, it was only the 25-34 age group that said that they wouldn’t miss smoking. Each of the other age groups admitted that they will miss it.
  • The majority of 25-34 year olds (42%) said that smoking has helped to improve their love life.
  • Almost one third (32%) of 25-34 year olds said that smoking has helped to improve their job/career opportunities and their relationship with family.
  • Bizarrely, over one third (35%) of 45-54 year olds believe that smoking has not affected their health.
  • Over one third (34%) of 25-34 year olds said that smoking has helped to improve their social life.
  • These stats show that the 25-34 age group believe smoking has improved a number of aspects in their personal lives.
    • Meanwhile, 29% of 35-44 year olds said that smoking has had a negative effect on their hobbies.


Milestones Stats


  • The top 3 happiest milestones for both male and female respondents were said to be:
  1. Becoming a parent
  2. Getting married
  3. Falling in love
  • Interestingly, these milestones were considered happier moments than getting your dream job, buying your first home and graduating.
  • Both men (43%) and women (58%) noted that the activity that makes them enjoy life the most is spending time with family. The second activity that makes both sexes enjoy life the most is travelling.
  • Money and sex were found to make men happier than women. 12% of men said money makes them happiest, in comparison to only 8% of women, while 10% of men said sex makes them happiest in comparison to just 2% of women!!!
    • In contrast, 9% of women said their friends make them happiest, in comparison to 7% of men.


  • For all age groups, becoming a parent has been the happiest milestone in their lives so far. However, for the 18-24 age group, falling in love has been the happiest milestone.
  • Interestingly though, one quarter (25%) of 18-24 year olds said that becoming a parent has been their happiest milestone. This could be used as another indication of how many young people are having children in this day and age.
  • For all age groups, spending time with family is the activity that makes them enjoy life the most.
  • Money and friends were found to bring most happiness to 18-24 year olds, with 19% of respondents saying that these two things makes them happiest.
  • Health was found to bring most happiness to the 55+ age group.
    • Sex was found to bring most happiness to 18-24 year olds too, with 8% of respondents in this age group saying it makes them happiest. Only 4% of 25-34 year olds and 5% of 55+ year olds said sex makes them happiest.


Trendsettah Inc – New Headquarters….


New Miami Headquarters Create Bi-Coastal Presence for Los Angeles-based Trendsettah Inc. –

Tobacco, Consumer Products Company’s Distribution, Corporate Office Opens Global Doors


MIAMI, FLORIDA (February 6, 2014) – Trendsettah Inc., a leading tobacco and consumer products company serving the urban and Generation X markets, has opened a new warehouse, distribution, corporate and marketing facility in Miami. The 100,000-square-foot space enables Trendsettah to better serve growing East Coast, Eastern and Western European and Latin American markets, as well as to access its Caribbean manufacturing facilities.

The move creates a vertically integrated hub incorporating new product development and testing, engineering, manufacturing, production, sales and marketing, legal and accounting, and logistics and distribution from one location in Doral’s bustling Beacon Center, said Akrum Alrahib, Trendsettah Inc. founder and CEO. The company employs 100 people and plans to hire more in the coming months.

“As innovative pioneers in the tobacco and consumer products marketplace, we needed to be where we can have the greatest impact on the marketplace, and that’s Miami,” Alrahib said. “Between our growing footprint across the US and international agreements in place from Canada and Mexico, south throughout Latin America, and east to Europe and the Middle East, Miami is the perfect complement to our Los Angeles facility. Besides, being here puts us where our customers are and helps us activate our slogan, ‘Leading Brands, Leading the World.’”

Trendsettah’s new offices are located less than a mile from Miami International Airport and a straight shot down a main thoroughfare to PortMiami. Between proximity to global jet and shipping logistical options, and access to one of the most diversified workforces in the US, Trendsettah is ideally positioned to distribute its broad category to emerging markets.

Trendsettah is changing the game, not just in tobacco, but in the vapor and pharmaceutical markets as well. Its line-up of the highest-quality products include Splitarillos brand cigarillos, Hood Wraps cigars, Blow premium vaporizers and e-liquids, Hookah tobacco products, and Crystal Clear and Gotitas brand eye drops and pharmaceutical lubricants.

Every product is engineered, tested and manufactured to the highest government standards. In fact, Crystal Clear is one of the only two fluid-ounce, pocket-sized eye-drop brands manufactured in a US-based and FDA-approved clean room.

The new location also will enable bi-coastal collaboration between Trendsettah’s marketing departments in Miami and Los Angeles as they place media, dispatch street teams and target major retail and tobacco / vape events and tradeshows nationwide.

“This is not your father’s tobacco company. We’re world-class and transforming the marketplace,” said Bill Schoep, Senior Vice President of Sales, who has spent 25 years with Swisher International where he oversaw $500 million in wholesale, retail and consumer sales. “Today’s consumer wants a socially-responsible brand that operates with transparency and that is committed to quality assurance, best practices and an intense dedication to their needs. I’ve never seen a more diverse company and team in all my years in the industry.”


Founded in 2011, Trendsettah products has quickly acquired a strong presence in the Tobacco, Vaporizers/E-liquids, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Trendsettah designs, produces, distributes and supports an expanding line of quality and innovative consumer products. Trendsettah’s vertically integrated business model manages the entire product lifecycle to ensure the highest standards of quality control and customer service, giving consumers an unbeatable product at the best price value. Trendsettah has established itself as an industry leader with its expanding product lines, guaranteed quality, and commitment to innovation and new product development. Visit

Tobacco Plus Expo 2015

It’s not long now until the Tobacco Plus Expo to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 28-29 2015.

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Trensdsettah USA, Inc. to Exhibit at 2015 TPC Expo in Las Vegas

Trensdsettah USA, Inc. to Exhibit at 2015 TPC Expo in Las Vegas

Los Angeles, CA – January 16, 2015 – Innovative lifestyle brands manufacturer, Trendsettah USA Inc., will exhibit its newest products at the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo, a trade show attended by tobacco manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to exhibit their latest products. Trendsettah will be onsite January 28-29, 2015 at booth #4083. The company, with offices in Los Angeles and Miami, will also be featured in the New Product Showcase with its Splitarillos® Cali Green Sweets and Black Label blends, products that offer cigarillo enthusiasts a smooth and unique flavor profile.

“TPC is THE place to be at if you’re making waves in the tobacco industry,” said Alex Schreer, Trendsettah director of marketing. “As an emerging company, we are excited to continue building our brand in this ever-changing industry.”

The large booth will feature products from its best-known brands:

– Splitarillos®- One of the highest quality flavored cigarillos product in the United States, featuring 3-count packages with re-sealable foil pouches.

– Crystal Clear®- Refreshing eye drops that help “rid the red” to give eyes soothing relief. It’s HydraRefresh action works to offer long-lasting relief for up to nine hours.

– Blow®- A full line of portable vaporizers featuring pens, tanks and e-liquids that set the standards for styling, quality, taste and value.

Attendees of the show will be able to view and sample the trendiest products from all of the Trendsettah brands and speak with the company’s knowledgeable and seasoned executive team.

For more information on Trendsettah USA, Inc. and its products, visit, or find them on Facebook, Twitter @trendsettahlife, and Instagram @Trendsettah_inc.

For media enquiries or interview requests for Trendsettah executives at the show, contact Stephanie Romanach, 305.448.8678 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 305.448.8678 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting ext.110,,

# # #

About Trendsettah USA, Inc.

Trendesttah USA, Inc. is a lifestyle brands manufacturer that appeals to a varied and large market of consumers, including tremendous popularity among the music and arts communities. The company has built successful brands such as Splitarillos®, Crystal Clear® and Blow®, through superior imagination, innovation, execution and a willingness to lead trends, not merely follow them. Trendsettah is not afraid to break the rules of conventional thinking in order to best understand its customers and create relatable, trustworthy brands. Follow the Trendsettah brands on Facebook Splitarillos, Hood Wraps and Blow, Twitter @splitarillosusa, @Blowhookah, and Instagram @Splitarillos_usa, @HoodWraps_usa, @Blowvapes.

New to Inter-Tabac – Dortmund – InterSupply:

What’s InterSupply about?
InterSupply is THE new international platform for the production of tobacco goods. The trade show premieres from 18 – 20 September 2015 at Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund, Germany.
From raw materials like raw tobacco, aromas/flavours and essences, production machines and facilites for the manufacturing of cigars, cigarettes, pipes, shishas and e-cigarettes to packing machines and packaging – InterSupply presents the whole chain of production in the tobacco industry. Exhibitors at InterSupply showcase their latest products, innovations and solutions to expert trade visitors.
InterSupply – an additional piece for a strong display of the entire industry
When the international tobacco industry meets, this normally happens in September in Dortmund, Germany. The InterSupply will take place alongside established B2B trade show InterTabac, which specialises in tobacco goods and smoking accessories and is visited by more than 10,000 international trade visitors annually. Through InterSupply, companies from the different supplying areas of the tobacco industry will now be able to exhibit at a dedicated platform to conduct successful business. At the same time, exhibitors profit from the continued success of InterTabac and its strong visitor base. With these factors in place, we present to you the perfect conditions for successfully fuelling your business.
InterSupply – book your stand now!
To present your products and your solutions as an exhibitor at the very first InterSupply, please fill out the enclosed stand enquiry form and return it to us. If you have any queries or require more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please also visit for additional information.
We look forward to hearing from you!
With kind regards from Dortmund,


Dirk Heuveldop

Telefon: +49 (0) 231 1204-380
Fax: +49 (0) 231 1204-678
Mobil: +49 (0) 163 7977 824
Messe Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH
Strobelallee 45, 44139 Dortmund
Telefon: +49 (0) 231 1204-521
Geschäftsführer: Sabine Loos, Dieter Meier


In this fast evolving category, which is expected to be around $5 billion in the US by the end of 2014, has vaping eclipsed e-cigarettes.

Most industry insiders agree vaping is fast superceding e-cigs as the preferred category.


What are your thoughts / comments??

Top three raise cigarette prices $0.07 / pack

In an expected move, PM USA raised its cigarette prices by $0.07 / cents a pack, which was immediately followed by Lorillard and RJ Reynolds.

Will others follow or exploit the price differential to gain volume??