BAT – update

Comment from Fiona Cincotta, a senior market analyst at


With tobacco consumption declining significantly in most western countries the tobacco giants are looking to gain access to new markets or to consolidate in order to cut costs and increase profits. That is exactly what we are seeing here with BATS acquisition of Croatian cigarette maker TDR for £394 million.

The acquisition is a strategic move to increase BATS presence in the three core markets of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and provide a platform for the company to expand its business in central Europe. Simultaneously BATS is seeking to expand its operations in Brazil in a bid to drive off dwindling sales and a tough trading environment in western countries.

Imperial lifts sentiment

Commentary from Fiona Cincotta, a senior market analyst at


Imperial Tobacco reported a 5% decline in underlying tobacco sales volume in the first half of the year. However the company has confirmed that it is on track to meet its targets for 2015, which include increasing its dividend by 10%.


The decline in sales was mainly due to political instability in Iraq and illicit trade in Vietnam and of course an increase of people cutting back on smoking due to tighter budgets, tax increases and health reasons. Despite a decline in sales adjusted pricing strategies appear to be offsetting the fall to some degree.


This news has lifted sentiment across the tobacco sector, which had been damaged following disappointing results from rival British American Tobacco


Altria – an alternative perspective

a comment from Ken Odeluga, a senior market analyst at


Altria’s need to reorient itself to the inexorable march of changing consumer habits and attitudes is thrown into sharp relief by data out overnight (from The Center for Disease Control) showing a significant decline in cigarette smoking among young people, together with a three-fold surge in e-cigarette usage.

Amid these trends, it’s going to be worth keeping a handle on how Altria’s Philip Morris unit is holding up against an expected 49%/51% retail market share in cigarettes.

Investors should also scrutinise Altria’s performance against base-case forecasts of its long-term growth in ‘smokable products’ businesses (all non-cigarette products, including e-cigs) of 3% per annum.

Any shortfall against these two metrics should be just as significant as $MO missing headline forecasts and could put market-expected $8.29bn annual revenue out of reach.

For Q1 results on 23rd April my EPS forecast is 59c-60c. I’m a little under Wall St. which sees 62c (61c-64c range) because I am expecting a slightly higher impact than the average forecast from the stronger US dollar. Wall St. sees $4.129bn for revenue and I’m inclined to agree, but maybe with bias down to $4.127bn.

Trendsettah USA, Inc. Continues to Grow with Launch of Game-Changing New Tobacco Product, Extendos™

Trendsettah USA, Inc. Continues to Grow with Launch of Game-Changing New Tobacco Product, Extendos

Extended cigarillos are the latest innovative product to hit the market from powerhouse bicoastal company 

Miami, Fla. – April 2, 2015 – Innovative lifestyle brands manufacturer, Trendsettah USA Inc., is blazing its trail in the tobacco industry once again with its newest product, Extendos™ by Splitarillos®.  At 8.5” long, Extendos™ are extended cigarillos – double the length of a standard 4.25” cigarillo. This latest innovation further establishes Trendsettah as an industry leader and a growing competitor in the tobacco market.

“In 1964, the gallon plastic milk jug was invented. In 1970, Pepsi launched the 2 liter bottle, and now Extendos™ will be the standard against which all other cigars will be judged,” stated Senior VP of Sales Bill Schoep. “We created Extendos™ as an innovative lifestyle product aimed at the progressive consumer. It’s a direct response to tobacco enthusiasts’ request for a product that allows them to enjoy twice as much from one cigarillo.”

Extendos™ are sold two to a pouch and will be introduced in Splitarillos®’ signature flavor, OG Sweet™ and new Ultra Sweet flavor profile, LOUD™.  New future flavor profiles will be announced in the coming weeks.  This introduction is the latest game-changing milestone for the tobacco industry.

“The cigar industry has seen three major milestones in the last 10 years. The introduction of a variety of flavors that appeal to our adult consumer, foil wrapped cigars replaced the industry standard cellophane to assist in freshness, and the re-sealable pouch was introduced and changed the way and quantity in which cigars were sold,” continued Mr. Schoep. “We feel Extendos™ is the next industry breakthrough.”

“Standard cigarillos are made by halving the 8.5-inch product to create multiples. By simply omitting the process, we’ve recognized an opportunity that some 100 year-old companies didn’t see,” Schoep said.  “Stay tuned for more innovation to come from Trendsettah, Inc.”

Extendos™ are now available in all California Sam’s Clubs and will officially launch at the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) Show at the Paris Las Vegas, April 21-23, 2015. For more information on Trendsettah USA, Inc. and its products, visit, or find them onFacebook, Twitter @trendsettahlife, and Instagram @Trendsettah_inc.

About Trendsettah USA, Inc.

Trendesttah USA, Inc. is a lifestyle brands manufacturer that appeals to a varied and large market of consumers, including tremendous popularity among the music and arts communities. The company has built successful brands such as Splitarillos®, Crystal Clear® and Blow® premium vaporizers, through superior imagination, innovation, execution and a willingness to lead trends, not merely follow them. Trendsettah is not afraid to break the rules of conventional thinking in order to best understand its customers and create relatable, trustworthy brands. Follow the Trendsettah brands on Facebook Splitarillos, Hood Wraps and Blow, Twitter @splitarillosusa, and Instagram @Splitarillos_usa, @HoodWraps_usa.

About Splitarillos®

The Splitarillos® brand is one of the highest quality cigarillos available in the U.S. Splitarillos® delivers exceptional quality in a wide variety of unique flavors that appeal to a varied and large market of consumers, including music and art communities. Distributed by leading manufacturer of innovative lifestyle brands, Trendsettah USA Inc., Splitarillos® are produced in the Dominican Republic, the premium cigar capital of the world, recognized for its superior climate for tobacco growing and cigar manufacturing.

The pros and cons of e-cigs….

The Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are the latest craze in the world of smoking cessation. They’ve been instrumental in helping thousands of people quit smoking for good, by satisfying nicotine cravings without the harmful effects of the smoke.


The use of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, is widely debated, with many claiming they should not be marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking, but what’s the truth? Who should we believe? Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons that have been associated with vaping, to help you make up your own mind:




They Can Help Reduce the Number of Cigarettes Smoked Daily


Electronic cigarettes have contributed to the vast reduction of cigarettes purchased, and smoked, each day. When it comes to smoking, quitting is notoriously difficult, and alternative methods have shown inconsistent results. An electronic cigarette will satisfy nicotine cravings, helping users to dramatically cut down and, eventually, quit smoking altogether.


They Alleviate Some of the Negative Side Effects of Smoking


Many of the harmful effects of smoking come from the smoke inhalation itself, rather than the nicotine. Nowadays, everyone is aware of the respiratory damage caused by smoke, so it’s hardly surprising that electronic cigarettes are marketed as a healthier alternative.


They Reduce the Cost of Smoking


Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes, particularly when you purchase a refillable and rechargeable model. These are long-term solutions, and can be topped up according to your needs. If you need to reduce the amount you’re spending on your smoking habit, consider switching to electronic cigarettes.


They Reduce Second Hand Smoke Inhalation


It’s important for smokers to consider those around them, particularly when you’re smoking in a public place. E-cigarettes don’t emit any smoke, so they’re a much friendlier solution for your non-smoking friends. This also means they can be used in many public spaces, although you should always use your common sense when doing so.




The Industry Isn’t Well Regulated


As electronic cigarettes are a relatively new development, the industry isn’t very well regulated. There’s a lot of controversy regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes, and this is largely due to unethical and dangerous suppliers. Make sure you find an e-cigarette supplier committed to research and safety before making your first purchase.


They Don’t Totally Eliminate the Adverse Effects of Smoking


Some suppliers claim that electronic cigarettes come without any adverse effects, but this simply isn’t true. They still contain nicotine, so you can’t eliminate the issues associated with this aspect of smoking. However, if you already smoke, electronic cigarettes can vastly reduce the harmful effects of the smoke itself.


The Long-Term Effects Aren’t Well Researched


Again, as vaping has only become commonplace in the past few years, the long-term effects are unknown. With this in mind, you should use your common sense when vaping. Always find a reputable supplier, and don’t use electronic cigarettes excessively. Smoking traditional cigarettes does have a long-term effect on health, so any reduction in the harm caused is likely to have a positive impact on your health, when used in moderation.


New products from Trendsettah


Trendsettah USA Inc. has introduced two new flavors of their signature Splitarillos – high quality cigarillos produced in the Dominican Republic. The new flavors are 18k Gold™, made with a honey-maple syrup base and LOUD™, an ultra sweet flavor profile. You can check out more about their products here –

Fun quiz – test your memory

Over the past 25 years, the prices of everyday items and luxuries have changed a lot, including the price of cigarettes, which have just about quadrupled! Alongside the quiz, Provident conducted some research into how much the price of cigarettes has changed over the years and at what rate and here’s what they found;


Year 1990 2005 2010 Now
Price £1.65 £4.82 £6.13 £8.47



Provident have produced this fun quiz to let the nation take a trip down memory lane and see how much things used to cost and have a sneak preview of how much a few things may cost in the future. Provident created their ‘Back in the Day’ quiz because budgeting and the cost of living are close to their customers’ hearts.


Have a go and see if you can remember how much things used to set you back.

War on Vaping – Bill Godshall:

War on Vaping

Reynolds American and Lorillard report industry-wide US cigarette volume decline of just 2% in 4Q14 and only 3.2% in 2014 (after declining 4.6% in 2013 when vapor product sales skyrocketed), documenting how the escalating War on Vaping has protected cigarette markets. The 3.2% decline was about 435 million packs, while the 1.4% reduction from 2013’s decline was about 190 million packs.

Reynolds also reported a 4.9% volume decline for Reynolds cigarettes in 4Q14 and a 5% decline in 2014, a 1% volume decline for American Snuff in 4Q14 and a 2.8% volume increase in 2014, and the launch of new heat-not-burn product REVO in Wisconsin

Lorillard also reported a 1% volume decline for Lorillard cigarettes in 4Q14 and a 2% decline in 2014, and $39 million in sales of blu e-cigs in 4Q14 and $165 million in 2014, (down from $54 million in 4Q13 and $230 million in 2013).

ACSH’s Gil Ross: The madness of the war on e-cigs (Godshall comments)

Clive Bates: Briefing on the science and policy of e-cigarettes and vaping


Study finds Big Pharma & Big Medicine receive twice as much revenue from cigarette sales as do Big Tobacco & Big Government combined (i.e. $85 billion), finds cigarette smoking imposed $170 billion in US healthcare costs in 2010 (i.e. $6.50/pack), including more than $100 billion from government programs.
This is the KEY reason why the disease treatment industry vehemently opposes smokers switching to lifesaving vapor products. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair


Brad Rodu: NIH funding stifles tobacco harm reduction research and support in academia
Exposes tens of millions of dollars in NIH funding received by current FDA TPSAC members, UCSF faculty, and other THR denialists, prohibitionists and propagandists.


Brad Rodu – Memo to the CDC: Tell the WHOLE Truth About E-Cigarettes
Please note bar graphs of NYTS findings that CDC’s Tom Frieden and the news media have deceitfully misrepresented to confuse, scare and lobby for FDA deeming reg/ban.


NIDA’s Wilson Compton falsely claims e-cigs hook teens and are gateway to cigarettes, grossly misrepresents findings of NIDA funded MTF survey to confuse and scare


GSK recalled Nicorette lozenges nationwide a year ago, but failed to inform consumers or the public why (as it lobbied Obama’s FDA to demonize and ban nearly identical dissolvable tobacco lozenges, and more effective vapor products)

FDA announces April 9-10, 2015 TPSAC meeting to discuss Swedish Match’s MRTP application to truthfully inform consumers that snus is far less hazardous than cigarettes, March 12 deadline for requesting to speak during April 10 public comment period!documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-1051-0001

US House bill (HR 662) would amend FDCA to exempt large and premium cigars from FDA regulatory authority (i.e. FDA’s proposed “deeming regulation”)

FDA and NCI funded Rutgers researchers stealth lobby for FDA deeming reg/ban by conducting biased push-poll that misled participants about vapor products, warning labels, minimum age laws, FDA reg/ban, etc., and by then claiming their so-called survey found that most smokers support FDA’s proposed deeming reg/ban.

US Congress

Regressive US Senate Democrats Durbin, Blumenthal, Markey, Boxer, Brown and Merkley repeat lies about junk formaldehyde study published by NEJM, once again urge FDA to issue Final Rule for Deeming Reg (that would protect cigarettes by banning >99% of e-cigs and by giving e-cig industry to Big Tobacco) by end of April.

Regressive US Senate Democrats Durbin, Blumenthal, Brown, Reed cosponsor bill (S 450) that would protect cigarettes by taxing far less hazardous vapor products, smokeless tobacco, cigars and pipe tobacco at same rate; deceitfully claim lower tax rates on lower risk products are “loopholes in the tax code that have been exploited by the tobacco industry to avoid regulation and paying taxes for their products.”

US Senator Durbin urges new US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy to protect cigarettes by opposing lifesaving vapor products


WHO tells even more lies about vapor products; falsely claims e-cigs are NOT SAFER than cigarettes, deceitfully insinuates vaping aerosol is toxic, causes cancer and is as hazardous as cigarette smoke; grossly exaggerates the very low risks of nicotine and vaping aerosol; falsely claims the “evidence is inconclusive” that e-cigs can help smokers quit; hawks multiple use of Big Pharma’s ineffective and less-than-safe drugs;

Real public health advocates respond to tweet promoting WHO lies about vaping

THR Research

JF Etter – E-cigarettes: methodological and ideological issues and research priorities
Exposes how ideological bias, money, conflicts of interest, obsolete studies and misrepresentation of data have trumped objective evidence-based research of e-cigs.

New study finds nicotine levels 85% lower in e-cig aerosol than cigarette smoke, finds cigarette smoke emits 1,500 times more harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) than e-cig aerosol, finds e-cig aerosol emits similar trace levels of HPHCs as are in room air, confirms (again) that e-cigs are far less hazardous than cigarettes.

ACSH: Machine-puffed e-cigs yielded vapor containing exactly what you’d expect, and not much else


David Sweanor says Ontario’s proposed vapor products reg/ban violates Constitutional rights of Canadian smokers and vapers, Canadian Ministry of Health lawyers repeat false fear mongering claims about vaping to justify unethical and inhumane policies and laws.

THR Conference

The Second Global Forum on Nicotine will be held in Warsaw, Poland, June 5-6, 2015

THR Business

Popularity of e-cigarettes is lighting up Korea

Japan Tobacco International acquires intellectual property rights from Ploom

Vapor Product Sales Ban

Vermont bill (H 59) would ban sales of all flavored liquid nicotine (including tobacco flavor) except menthol, require nonspecific child-resistant packaging


Obama proposes increasing cigarette tax from $1.01 to $1.95 per pack, increasing OTP tax in 2016 federal budget

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing identical Washington bills (HB 1645 & SB 5573) that would tax all vapor products at 95%, ban 99% of flavored vapor products, ban Internet sales by WA vendors to WA consumers, ban sampling in vape shops

WA Governor Inslee protects cigarettes by lying about vaping (e.g. falsely claims: ““Vaping” may not be safer than smoking traditional cigarettes”) to confuse, scare and lobby for 95% vapor products tax, ban on flavorings, free sampling and Internet sales.

Mike Siegel: Washington State Director of Health claims that smoking is no more hazardous than using electronic cigarettes

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing many different Hawaii bills that would unfairly tax vapor products and/or ban vaping

AVA urges North Dakota vapers to oppose bill (SB 2322) that would impose a 50% tax on vapor products, increase cigarette tax from $.44 to $2/pack, increase tax moist snuff tax from $.60 to $2.70/ounce, increase chewing tobacco tax from $.16 to $.72/ounce, increase cigar and pipe tobacco tax from 28% to 50%.

North Dakota House rejects (56-34) bill (HB 1431) that would have increased cigarette and OTP tax rates from $.44 to $1.54/pack

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan proposes taxing e-cigs and OTP at same rate as lethal cigarettes, and increasing cigarette tax from $1.78 to $1.99/pack (page 7)

Florida House Finance Cmte discusses draft legislation to impose a 85% tax on “nicotine products” (aka vapor products), redefine “tobacco product” to include nicotine products

Nevada bill (SB 79) would impose 30% tax on vapor products containing liquid nicotine

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing Nevada bill (SB 79) tax vapor products containing liquid nicotine

Nevada lawmakers debate whether e-cigs should be taxed like cigars, chew

Arkansas bill (HB 1156) would impose a $.075/ml tax on e-liquid (i.e. $2.25 tax for a 30ml bottle), require licensure of vapor product manufacturers, distributors and retailers

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing Arkansas bill (HB 1156) to impose a $.075/ml tax on e-liquid (i.e. $1.50 tax on a 30ml bottle of e-liquid)

Arkansas politician tries to make it harder to quit smoking

Arizona bill (HB 2596) would impose a $.18/ml tax on liquid nicotine solutions (i.e. $5.40 tax on a 30ml bottle of e-liquid)

Vaping bans

Gil Ross: Cuomo’s craven ‘drop dead’ to New York’s smokers

SF Chronicle poll “Should California allow e-cigarettes?” (in response to Sen. Leno’s bill that would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned) finds 89% say Yes, 11% say No.

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing Maryland bill (HB 26) to ban vaping

Bill Godshall’s testimony opposing Maryland vaping ban bill (HB 26)

CASAA issues Call to Action opposing many different Hawaii bills that would unfairly tax vapor products and/or ban vaping

Vermont bill (H 171) would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned

Illinois bill (HB 2404) would ban vaping everywhere smoking is banned, sponsor falsely conflates vaping with smoking

Kentucky House narrowly approves bill (HB 145) that would ban vaping and smoking in all workplaces, KY Senate President Stivers says bill unlikely to pass Senate

Hennepin County (MN) Board of Commissioners protect cigarettes by banning vaping

Cambridge (MA) bans vaping in restaurants, raises minimum age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 21, bans some flavored products (but not menthol cigarettes)

BART bans vaping on mass transit (CA), deceitfully calls it smoking

Ethics complaint alleges Kona councilman ‘unduly influenced’ by unregistered lobbyists (from Coalition for a Tobacco Free Hawaii, which aggressively lobbied for vaping ban)


Virginia House amends and approves bill (HB 2036) that would require child-resistant packaging and labeling for “liquid nicotine containers” consistent with federal standards

Sales bans to minors

New Mexico House Health Cmte approves bill (HB 42) to ban e-cig sales to minors, sent to Judiciary Cmte

North Dakota House approves bill (HB 1078) to ban sale of “nicotine devices” to minors, impose additional and potentially devastating costs on Internet vendors.

North Dakota House approves bill (HB 1186) to ban sale of “electronic smoking devices” or “alternative nicotine products” to minors, impose additional and potentially devastating costs on Internet vendors, require child-resistant packaging for “nicotine liquid containers” consistent with federal regulations.

Texas lawmakers consider ban on e-cigarette sales to minors

Minimum Age

Iowa Senate subcommittee approves bill (SSB 1109) to raise minimum age for tobacco and vapor product sales to 19.

Utah bill (HB 130) would increase minimum age for tobacco and e-cig sales to 21

Rhode Island bill (H 5225) would increase minimum age for sale of tobacco and electronic nicotine-delivery systems from 18 to 21

Vermont bill (H 93) would to increase minimum age for sale of tobacco and tobacco substitutes from 18 to 21


Kansas bill (SB 203) would require e-cig vendors to obtain tobacco distributor and/or retailer licenses (to increase costs on vape shops and others that don’t sell tobacco)


Nicopure Labs sues Evolve E-Liquid and 21 Vape Street for trademark infringement, prompting Evolve to disable its website

Junk Science, propaganda and lies

Steve Forbes: California joins baseless bashing of e-cigarettes

After lying about and lobbying to ban e-cigs in past years, CRUK now questions some e-cig junk science and propaganda (UK)

THR opponents to hold World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) March 17-21 in United Arab Emirates featuring former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and WHO’s Margaret Chang

Carl Phillips: Hatsukami completes her descent into Hecht-dom?

Big Pharma financed NRT hawk Michael Fiore falsely claims three cigarette companies make up 75% of 2-billion-dollar e-cigarette market and are targeting children, repeats false claims about bogus NEJM formaldehyde study, repeats disproved allegations that e-cigs addict nonsmokers and serve as gateways to cigarettes (despite no evidence that e-cigs have created daily dependence in any nonsmoker, and despite no evidence e-cigs have served as a gateway to cigarettes for anyone).

IFLScience touts junk study (that exposed mice to 2,000 times more e-cig vapor than humans vape) without any fact checking, hundreds of comments correct false claims


Oregon doctor advocates increasing sales of cigarettes by banning sales of e-cigs

Mike Siegel: Oregon physician calls for ban on electronic cigarettes, but not on the real ones

Les McPherson Ban-happy health authorities smoked by e-cigarettes (Canada)

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