About TobaccoToday

TobaccoToday.info is a blog specifically created for the tobacco world, a world that includes all those people who in one way or another are dealing with tobacco issues, tobacco products, and supplies for the creation of those products. All responsible and respectful individuals inside or outside the industry per se but associated with the tobacco world can post comments and participate.

You can visit every day and see what people are saying and talking about and comment yourself on what’s topical and in the news. The blog is intended to be current and up to date with little moderation in force in the belief that responsible and free individuals can moderate themselves: the best information should prevail. There’s lots to talk about!

You are invited to respond any time on any subject (see footnote.)

  • Seen a new product and want to say something – that’s great – post a comment

  • Think something could be better –say so

  • Want to express an opinion – feel free

  • Don’t like something – express yourself

  • Think your company’s on/off course – speak up

You can comment on anything:

  • Are you associated with the supply chain? Want to add a comment – post it here

  • Something topical from Vendors – let us know

  • Don’t like government regulations where you live – speak up

  • Think the industry gets a bad rap – here’s your chance to say what you think

If you work in the tobacco industry or alongside it – here’s your chance to see what’s current and have your say.

Also, if you wish to take more of an editorial position with this blog and select whole categories of subjects to discuss, then send an email to Chris Crawley if you are on the supply side or to Lou Maiellano if you are on the product side of the business.

While the sign-in does not require you to identify yourself through an e-mail address or an associated web site, neither of which are visible on the site, we do hope that those who have a certain level of authority regarding their position in the industry as a quality information provider will openly indicate who they are. We recognize, however, that this is not always possible.

We ask you to voluntarily comply with our content rules – which are common-sense and designed to promote a healthy discussion. Please respect other people’s opinions and treat them as you would wish to be treated. If you have an opposing opinion – voice it; but do so responsibly. Please avoid making references to individuals / coworkers.