The Value of BARS Reporting

Build Both External & Internal Value Using BARS Reports

The value of incorporating the BARS Reporting Program into company culture when it comes to the sale of age-sensitive products such as alcohol and tobacco is both external and internal.  Sharing each and every result from the store visits provided by the BARS Program with the store manager, district supervisor and regional manager will reinforce a culture of using best practices when it comes to carding individuals purchasing these products.  By consistently sharing this message, all employees will become accustomed to carding on each visit, lessening the chances of being caught in a sting.

Externally, using the BARS reporting program can provide value by allowing clients to expand their business by voluntarily implementing our program.  A restaurant chain currently utilizing the BARS program was recently able to expand their liquor licenses in new locations by providing the liquor licensing board with the BARS reports, as well as a letter outlining the program and its implementation.  Many of their competitors are currently on hold for expanding liquor licensing.

When it comes to reporting, our system is unparalleled, and we encourage everyone selling age-sensitive products to implement a strong culture of carding everyone as soon as possible.  Not only can a sting and fines be avoided, it can help propel a business to the next level.  Contact us today at 1-877-540-5500 for a complimentary consultation. Ask for David or Richard. Please reference the Tobacco Today blog when speaking to David or Richard at the Bars Program.


Remember that the FDA’s new “deeming” regulations regarding the sale and manufacture of tobacco products such as e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco, and pipe tobacco—essentially extending the regulations already placed on cigarettes to most tobacco products—go into effect August 8! We will be touching base again in the early fall, but in the meantime, we welcome any questions you might have about ensuring your compliance.


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#1 Ohio retailer on 08.17.16 at 12:21 AM

I highly recommend this organization. They helped my stores improve customer service when we implemented plus sell programs. I knew of their effectiveness with compliance. But what they were able to develop were excellent habits in my employees by positive reinforcement. Great Folks! Highly recommend the Bars Program.

#2 Cynthia Levin on 08.20.16 at 6:17 PM

The program is absurdly flawed. In PA, we are supposed to card anyone who looks under 30 for compliance, but BARS has sent in people who look clearly over 30 in order to bolster their numbers of “catching” people being non compliant, in essence a set up. Some of the people sent into retailers are clearly not underaged and selling to them would not be illegal to begin with. Program is a meaningless horse and pony show!

#3 Charley on 09.19.16 at 4:57 PM

CL – I have not encountered the issue you reference.
Been using these folks for both Tobacco and Alcohol compliance for many years. Our program never used underage shoppers. We were just checking on our compliance program. We are satisfied completely.

#4 Ohio retailer on 09.29.16 at 1:12 AM

Great program we have failed got stings this year.

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