Senate Amendment 3547

Senate Amendment 3547, which would prohibit airline passengers from bringing “electronic smoking devices” on planes in their carry-on and checked baggage, will possibly be considered as early as next week (week of April, 11th, 2016). The primary sponsor of SA 3547 is Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), who is an outspoken opponent to e-cigarettes. He has earned a reputation for promoting misinformation about these low-risk products.

If this amendment is accepted, vapers will be forced to leave their batteries and devices at home or surrender them at TSA checkpoints before being allowed through security.This would impose a completely unwarranted and unnecessary expense on travelers who vape.

Beyond the issue of flying with vapor products, the spirit of this amendment (prohibiting lithium ion batteries on board commercial flights) might as well include a ban on carrying ANY portable electronic device in checked or carry-on baggage. Can you imagine not being able to travel with laptops or cell phones?


Comments? Thoughts?


#1 OTP Kid on 04.15.16 at 1:45 PM

I’m not against vaping, but I’m against one of these Chinese pieces of crap blowing up while I’m flying, so I have no problem with this

#2 Jersey boy on 04.19.16 at 4:43 AM

I agree. I mean it’s happened.

#3 Rich on 04.19.16 at 9:24 PM

Aren’t a lot of these batteries unstable?
I can see the concern.

#4 RedMoxy69 on 01.04.17 at 7:37 PM

NOT ACCURATE, TIRED OF SNATCH MY PEARLS NANNY STATE WANTING SHEEPLE #EDUCATE THINE SELF This does NOT happen with PROPER batterey with PROPER device usage people!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have patients until watching the world try to ban what they do not personally use, know or like #FREE DEMOCRACY. People using wrong battery for a particular device but more often than not, people using a SPECIFIC device called mechanicals not properly locked to off position shoved in a mans pocket where pressure/movement hits the FIRING button holding it to fire and man doesn’t realize for a while, thus overheating. This happens when mass people but products too advanced and FOREGO SAFETY FEATURES that will not allow this stupidity to happen. Similar to over inflating a semi tire and not understanding when it kills the ignoramus/it blows up on their tail. VAPING SAVES LIVES PEOPLE, THE ONLY WAY LONG TERM SMOKERS HAVE A CHANCE OF QUITTING THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! Government pnly wants in on the revenue, SICKENING!!! This senator is UNEDUCATED/JUMPING ON A BANDWAGON. DO NOT THINK THE A. LUNG ASC. IS ANY DIFFERENT EITHER. BIG TOBACCO & BIG PHARMA $ BEHIND ALL OF THIS – GET BLUMENTHOL OUT OF OFFICE AND PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, EDUCATE YOURSELF & JUMP OFF THE SHEEPLE’S WAGON FOLKS, I IMPLORE YOU ALL, GOD GAVE EACH HIS/HER OWN MIND FOR A REASON!!!

#5 RedMoxy69 on 01.04.17 at 7:40 PM

please over look typos/buy & patience, stinking autocorrect

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