Blackcat – vapor products

Blackcat is actively looking for B2B customers in the US and elsewhere for its extensive range of vapor and ecig products. If you are interested – please reply to
Blackcat offers an extensive range of vaporizers. mods, tanks and ecigs – complemented by a complete range of e-liquids and accessories.All products are high-quality – state-of-the-art – competitively priced – delivering you good margins.
We’re looking for Business partners with good distribution / market access.
Blackcat is an innovative, technology driven enterprise, focused on delivering new products to satisfy all segments of this dynamic market.
Their website / URL is below – please take a look:-
Their entire offering, including current B2B pricing, can be viewed at:-
If you’re looking for a reliable business partner going forward – then contact me.


#1 Linda Myers on 07.11.16 at 3:17 PM

I have a black cat setup, which I love. Unfortunately, the glass on my tank broke and there is no one that sells replacement parts…or has ever heard of the company. I tried going on their website, but it doesn’t let ANYBODY pass the age verification. I am very disappointed because this product is superior and I can’t use it anymore. If they are looking for customers and distributors, they aren’t doing a very good job.

#2 Chris Crawley on 08.09.16 at 12:36 PM

Linda, Send an email to and I’ll forward it to the US President for action…

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