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Thomas A. Briant, NATO Executive Director
FDA Director Mitch Zeller

MINNEAPOLIS — One of the most important reasons for tobacco retailers and wholesalers to attend the 2016 NATO Show and for manufacturers and suppliers to exhibit at the 2016 NATO Show is the fact that the net revenue from the trade show is used by NATO to support and fund the association’s efforts to respond to local, state, and federal tobacco-related legislation.

With NATO being the only national retail association that opposes tobacco legislation on every kind of tobacco product at every level of government, the success of the NATO Show directly translates into supporting NATO’s legislative efforts. Attending and exhibiting at the NATO Show is significant because doing so results in a successful trade show which, in turn, helps NATO pursue its mission to respond to tobacco legislation.

The 2016 NATO Show will be held on April 19-21, 2016, at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. Just like the 2015 NATO Show, the upcoming 2016 NATO Show will have an excellent lineup of educational seminars. As a followup to his presentation at the 2015 NATO Show, FDA Director Mitch Zeller has accepted an invitation to speak at the 2016 NATO Show on current FDA tobacco regulations. If you want to know about the latest in FDA tobacco regulations, then it is very important to plan to attend the 2016 NATO Show.

In addition, other seminar topics include tobacco product marketplace trends and insights, maximizing e-vapor sales and profits, marketing strategies for retailers to gain the competitive advantage, and concurrent sessions on premium cigars and domestic cigars.

The premium cigar seminar will complement the new Premium Cigar Pavilion at the 2016 NATO Show, which will showcase the premium cigar segment and offer a cigar lounge for attendees to socialize and network.

To learn more about the 2016 NATO Show, you can visit www.NATOShow.com.  In addition, prospective exhibitors can contact ConvExx, the NATO Show management company, about renting a booth and sponsorship opportunities.  ConvExx has decades of experience in managing trade shows held in Las Vegas and the main ConvExx contact person for the NATO Show is Jennifer Carr at 702-216-5852 or jcarr@convexx.com.

Since the NATO Show exists to support NATO’s legislative mission, mark your calendars now to attend the 2016 NATO Show in Las Vegas.


#1 Jersey Boy on 09.02.15 at 9:37 PM

I’m back on track. Look forward to this show versus the other but not sure why MZ is showing up to say nothing. Just saying!

#2 Blunt Wrapper on 09.16.15 at 4:20 PM

This is definitely a show to skip, same speakers and agenda since it started.

#3 kevin on 09.20.15 at 8:10 PM

that’s my point same stuff and they wonder why the attendance continues to drop

#4 Mario on 12.02.15 at 4:19 PM

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