Tobacco Plus Expo 2015

It’s not long now until the Tobacco Plus Expo to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 28-29 2015.

For all the information please click on the link below………..



#1 jersey boy on 01.20.15 at 11:06 PM

not a show I go to anymore

#2 Anonymous on 01.27.15 at 12:51 AM

too many shows with not much content
am I wrong

#3 Bluntman on 01.27.15 at 1:27 PM

May not be the best show ever, but definitely better than NATO and their snuggling up to the FDA

#4 truth in vaping on 01.28.15 at 2:58 AM

Sorry Bluntman no way is the TPC show is better than NATO show

#5 wtf on 01.29.15 at 8:39 AM

This should be a private/house show for Kretek — nobody is there !!!!!

#6 Bluntman on 01.29.15 at 11:23 AM

Nobody at TPC, and I mean nobody. If this show is dead, there’s not a chance I am going to NATO where the deals are not nearly as good.

#7 truth in vaping on 01.29.15 at 3:30 PM

so glad I stayed home and conducted business – yep it is nothing more than a Kretek show

#8 Thanksmarkandhugo on 01.29.15 at 9:14 PM

Worst show ever imho.

#9 Bluntman on 02.02.15 at 2:15 PM

Samen issue I had at NATO last year, the same chinese suppliers I buy from trying to sell my customers direct. These shows are a joke

#10 Anonymous on 03.13.15 at 12:48 AM

oh my this show was awful

#11 Bluntman on 03.19.15 at 2:14 PM

Just heard the NATO show hasn’t even had the booth space on the floor sold out. This show was weak last year and sounds like might be even worse this year. And why are they in bed with the FDA?

#12 Jersey Boy on 03.24.15 at 12:48 AM

not going to the NATO show – hate the lip service. Tom Briant you need to limit your exposure. Why at so many other shows.

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