In this fast evolving category, which is expected to be around $5 billion in the US by the end of 2014, has vaping eclipsed e-cigarettes.

Most industry insiders agree vaping is fast superceding e-cigs as the preferred category.


What are your thoughts / comments??


#1 Playcarmen on 11.19.14 at 10:54 AM

Plenty of room for both — lots of folks prefer the cigalike, where as folks chasing value and “clouds” are firmly in the vapor category.

The real question is, when is someone going to launch a liquid that smokers actually like? The growth of vapor has masked the real weakness here, namely that most smokers don’t dig the crappy flavors.

#2 OTP KId on 11.21.14 at 11:11 AM

I tried the PG Free Johnson Creek smoke juice tobacco flavor and it was great

#3 PlayaCarmen on 11.22.14 at 9:19 AM

Not heard about that one OTP and honestly, it’s hard to find the Johnson Creek juices here (may be they are available under other folks’ labels). I’ll have to look for it.

#4 OTP Kid on 11.25.14 at 4:12 PM

I believe it’s under the Red Oak brand with the Johnson Creek label – all the tobacco outlets seem to stock it

#5 notmyname on 11.29.14 at 9:19 PM

$5 billion. Wow.

I was personally told by Altria’s CEO in 2009 that electronic cigarettes had no future and that he would not even consider resuming development of them.

CEO’s are so smart.

#6 Anonymous on 12.01.14 at 6:38 PM

Cigarette market is decreasing faster each day. To survive this coming vaping revolution you need to create a way for cigarette smokers to vaporize your cigarettes. I suggest you to put this new device into every pack of your cigarettes. That way smoker can be vaping not smoking cigarette and live longer, therefore buy more cigarettes from you in the future.

#7 jersey boy on 12.08.14 at 3:04 AM

anonymous – you are incorrect
1- cig market is not decreasing faster everyday by the way BH in NYC a couple of weeks said she was perplexed as this was not the case
2- e-cigs really don’t work if you study the numbers and you will find that vaping is not the answer

#8 greenbox on 12.09.14 at 5:57 PM

Don’t be fooled. The % of smokers converting to vaping products is nominal at this time. In fact sales of combustibles are still very robust. So why aren’t more smokers converting?

1) the vape experience simply doesn’t equal that of a combustible cigarette
2) converting requires a lot of self discipline to “stick with it”
3) price: in most states a pack of cigarettes is still lower than an ecig/VTM
4) purchase patterns: consumers are pack purchase driven; less than $8 avg purchase cash outflow per transaction for cigarettes vs the avg $9+ for vaping
5) e-cigs don’t hold a charge long enough
6) VTMs are laborious– cleaning is onerous, refilling is messy.
7) convenience
While VTMs have some momentum at this time in the vaping category, e-cigs sales will continue to outpace VTM sales because of their convenience, a feature demanded by most US consumers. The biggest advantage VTMs have over e-cigs is the ability for the battery to hold a charge for an entire day, and this will not last long. As technology improvements in the e-cig enable it to hold a charge for an entire day and more closely mimic the satisfaction associated with a combustible, more smokers will convert to the e-cig.
As for the VTM users, I view them more along the lines of “roll your own” users– they are out there, but a very very small % of the overall market.

#9 tarheel on 12.16.14 at 12:56 AM

greenbox and jersey boy you are both so right. the e-cig industry is guilty of overstating their value — see a puff on a traditional combustible cigarette is not equaled by a puff on an electronic cigarette – not even close – the equation that a cartomizer equals a pack of cigarettes is just so ridiculous – probably like more like 4 to 5 cartomizers equal a pack of cigarettes as the nicotine is not equivalent delivered 1 on 1.

#10 OTP Kid on 12.16.14 at 5:49 PM

The retailers have also figured out there’s not much of a future selling a bottle of juice every 7-10 days for $2.99

#11 Anonymous on 12.25.14 at 3:52 PM

A revolution is coming to smoker.

#12 Anonymous on 12.25.14 at 4:00 PM

Greenbox is right on. Vapor is pure nicotine, smoke contains oxidized nicotine which is much more potent and tasty. That’s the top reason for why so few smoker converted to vaping.

#13 Anonymous on 12.27.14 at 7:19 PM

Oxi vaping is coming to your town….

#14 Anonymous on 01.01.15 at 3:03 AM

Smoking inhaling oxidized nicotine mix with burning tobacco smoke. Vaping inhaling pure nicotine vapor. Oxidized nicotine is much more tasty and potent than pure nicotine. That’s why vaping can never satisfy smoking buzz, 99% smoker are still smoking. Oxivaping inhaling oxidized nicotine without tobacco smoke, super tasty, great buzz, less usage. The gov should do some research.

#15 PlayaCarmen on 01.04.15 at 6:01 PM

What is this?!? all nicotine oxidizes when it encounters oxygen.

#16 Anonymous on 01.04.15 at 6:38 PM

Nicotine has to be heated to its flash point first.

#17 PlayaCarmen on 01.05.15 at 8:41 AM

Sorry — that’s chemically not accurate. Do you have anything else for sale? Some aluminum siding perhaps?

#18 Anonymous on 01.05.15 at 12:28 PM

It’s a long story, hope you enjoy it.

#19 Joe Coang on 01.20.15 at 4:37 PM

A lesson for tobacco user and vaping industry.

I am a heavy smoker, 40 + years smoker, 4 packs Marlboro red a day down to 1 pack ryo. 3 years ago started vaping using hot air produced from a lighter and my pipe.

I learned vapor is much cleaner than smoke therefore healthier. But the buzz is not as good as smoking. That’s why few smokers converted to vaper even all kinds of e-cigs and vapes out there for so long.

Then I discovered vapor is pure nicotine, smoke contains oxidized nicotine. Oxidized nicotine vapor tastes much better than pure nicotine vapor and gives super buzz. Therefore usage cut down to 1/3.

All vaporizers produce pure vapor, pure vapor is not oxidized, it tastes different and gives you different high than oxidized vapor as when you smoking. To get oxidized vapor, you need to heat vapor to flash point. So far no vaporizer able to do it. You need a vaporization chamber to vaporize material to produce vapor, then you need an oxidation chamber to oxidize that vapor to produce oxidized vapor.

I invented a tool to produce oxidized vapor, called oxivape. A glass mouthpiece connects to a brass tube, load herb in the front part of the brass tube, heat the brass tube to 300 f to produce vapor, then heat the rear part of the brass tube to 500 f to oxidize that vapor, inhale oxidized vapor from the mouthpiece. Because brass has good heat conductivity, the heat from rear part brass tube heats up the herb in front part to keep producing vapor, you only need one flame to operate. If you want vaping high, simply only heat the loaded part.

I been oxi vaping about a month now, I am sure oxi vaping is the best way to enjoy tobacco. The taste is nothing to beat, the buzz never had before in my life, usage down to about 1/3.

I am so much happier smoker now, hope the same to every smoker!

Vaping industry should using the same principle to make e-powered oxivape to help smokers ASAP.

#20 Joe Chang on 01.22.15 at 3:37 AM

Video demo of the oxidation vaporizer

#21 Anonymous on 09.29.15 at 6:51 AM

now everyone able to vaping with a lighter and a glass tube, looks like /e-cig and vaping industries are fucked.

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