The future of exhibitions?

These days pre-show rumors that the next tobacco exhibition will be cancelled are rife – and increasingly accurate.

The lastest victim was the joint Inter-Tabac / ProTobex tobacco exhibition scheduled for Bali February 27/28 – cancelled earlier the same week.

The Balinese police rescinded their approval at the last minute. Their exact reasons are unclear, although it was mentioned Bali has no tobacco industry (we already knew this.)

The damage is done. Participants were already inbound; monies spent and travel plans made, not to mention all the associated costs of exhibiting and attending. All lost.

Last year World Tobacco was similarly embarrassed; cancelling its exhibition in Istanbul Turkey – after approval was withdrawn at the last minute.

Last year, shows scheduled for Moscow and Macau were also cancelled.

While there are altogether too many tobacco exhibitions – often almost on top of one another – this is not a good outcome.

Will Inter-Tabac / ProTobex organize a future exhibition in Asia and if so where??

Your thoughts?

Where should the next tobacco exhibition in Asia be held?

Do tobaco exhibitions have a future and

if so, where else do you recommend future tobacco exhibitions be held ??


#1 Retailer on 03.03.14 at 4:18 PM

Times are tough Chris and as a retailer I have tighter allocations allowed for the shows I can attend. Been told no more than I like.

#2 OTP Kid on 03.05.14 at 5:43 PM

not going to NATO

#3 Hoosier on 03.06.14 at 2:50 AM

can I smoke in the exhibitor hall?

#4 OTP Kid on 03.21.14 at 4:12 PM


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