E-cigs – the regulatory dilemma….

In case you’re still undecided – E-cigs are here to stay. And we’d all better get used to it – Health Regulators and policy advocates included.

Befuddled Regulatory Health advocacy thinking demonstrates how truely difficult it is to develop a clear regulatory policy – or even if one is really needed?

Some want an outright ban – but is this even possible?

Others are wrestling with how to classify E-cigs. Is it a tobacco product, drug-delivery device, recreational toy or nicotine replacement therapy??

Who has a vested interest in this?

What if the product contains no tobacco products or nicotine?

How do you regulate the entire category and its flavor variants?

Should it be taxed?

Many agree E-cigs are probably less harmful than combustible cigarettes – do you agree?

Others argue E-cigs are a starter product leading to nicotine addiction – do you agree?

Some national / regional markets are considering a ban – is this practical??

And what about the US – where any sales restrictions will almost certainly end up in the courts??

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome….


#1 Vapor Vixen on 03.02.14 at 12:41 AM

One day the truth hopefully will be know. Safe is possible but will we not 10 years from now possibly find harm?

#2 Vapor Man on 03.11.14 at 10:11 PM

Reading some of Dr Siegel makes one realize that Dr Glantz is a junk science doctor! sad

#3 cynical on 03.13.14 at 12:55 AM

sounds like its a tobacco product
must I say anymore

#4 cynical on 03.13.14 at 12:56 AM

and misinformation

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