Altria To Acquire Green Smoke Inc.

Altria Group Inc. is set to acquire electronic cigarette company Green Smoke Inc. for about $110 million, ABC News reported.

The Richmond, Va.-based owner of Philip Morris USA announced that the transaction is expected to close in the second quarter.

The deal with Altria’s Nu Mark subsidiary also includes up to $20 million in incentive payments. Altria began test marketing its own electronic cigarette under the MarkTen brand in August.

Altria noted that Green Smoke’s experience in the category, along with its supply chain, products and customer service, will complement its business.

Green Smoke was founded in 2008 and has operations in the U.S. and Israel. Its revenue in 2013 was about $40 million.


#1 vapor vixen on 02.05.14 at 9:29 PM

Pretty obvious they did their homework. Green Smoke has great products. vv

#2 OTP Kid on 02.06.14 at 10:19 AM

$110 Million – the Green smoke people are probably dancing like they hit the Powerball 3 weeks in a row

#3 wolverine on 02.19.14 at 5:19 AM

two things that just make me go nuts
1-how these ecig companies lie about the data ie logic claiming they are number 2 – do folks really rely on nielsen?

2-one mediocre company buys another bad company – victory/fin
placement is one thing but selling is another

#4 Vapor Man on 03.11.14 at 10:08 PM

I’m sure they are dancing – might be breaking some glasses too. Good guys! Really good product.

#5 Vapor Vixen on 03.29.14 at 1:11 AM

Wow I missed this. Thanks for posting this. Green Smoke really does have a very good product. Better than many that claim they are the best and wish them the best.

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