100 Words on E-Cigarettes: Deals Being Cut “In Smoke-Filled Rooms”

I wonder if EU Commission officials have reflected on the irony of this idiom as they seek to overturn Parliament’s rejection of medicinal regulation.  Today’s meeting rooms benefit from being clear of tobacco smoke and from the light streaming through glass windows and walls.  The media and Europe’s 10 million voting vapers are peering in. So are the lawyers and scientists ready to expose deals that smell of pharma lobbying.  The Commission’s latest proposal (see below) is illegitimate and unworkable.  Vapers are growing in numbers and confidence.  Politics will not allow their products to become harder to sell than tobacco.

Charles Hamshaw-Thomas,  Legal & Corporate Affairs Director for E-Lites

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the UK’s largest e-cigarette company which believes tight regulation of product quality and safety is important and can be achieved through building on the industry’s self-regulatory code, the Industry Standard of Excellence, described by UK Trading Standards as ‘… a code any industry would be proud to have…’.

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#1 Candy Girl on 12.08.13 at 3:16 PM

No question- the EU Parliament’s struggles with how to regulate/not regulate is emblematic of the growing grass roots movement to resist or redirect regulation. If governments and prohibitionists can’t control the product’s growth in the EU the battle in the US could be epic!

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