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It’s trade show time again- when is it ever not??

Despite whining about the excessive number of trade shows, their encroachment and cost – the shows still go on.
In the US trade show attendance is still reasonably healthy but elsewhere in the world it is not.
The one exception is Inter-Tabac Dortmund which appears to grow each year and is by far the best and largest for tobacco products every year.

This year, The show in Manila was poorly attended. Exhibitors were slightly less than 2012 but attendance dropped from 800+ in 2012 to 500+ this year.
The Krakow show – held in mid-April – is also small and sparsely attended and the show in Moscow – re-scheduled for June from last November is canceled.
In the short-term this leaves Istanbul at the end of May. It had promise. Then it was learned no tobacco products are allowed. Or displayed; including pictures, advertising and samples. Hmm!

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#1 Cigarman on 05.02.13 at 12:15 PM

The TPE was well attended.
The AWMA show was a disaster
And business was good at the NATO show.

Local shows are hit and miss.
Our sales guys had a good show at the Southeast Petro show but we are skipping the Southern show (rather watch paint dry).

But out of site out of mind so it is what it is!

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