Smoking Cessation Sales Hit $1 Billion, Creating Product, Retail Opportunities

“Quitters” interested in nicotine-free cigarettes, bars, drinks, candies, apps, more, says Mintel
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CHICAGO  Sales of smoking cessation products are projected to increase 3% from 2011-12, reaching $1 billion and they are expected to continue growth through 2017 reaching $1.2 billion in sales, according to a new report from Mintel. There are plenty of smoking cessation products on hand to help Americans quit smoking, and a new report from Mintel said people are expected to use them.

“As more Americans put out their cigarettes, the market for smoking cessation products is expected to grow, despite challenging economic circumstances; however, smoking cessation brands face certain challenges,” said Emily Krol, health and wellness analyst at Mintel. “A declining number of smokers, as well as increased smoking bans and taxes on cigarettes are shrinking the market of potential users. Growth opportunities for this market will be found in product innovation and line extensions.”

While 60% of Americans who currently smoke or have previously quit say “it’s hard to motivate myself to quit, because I enjoy it,” 60% say “health warnings about smoking scare me.” Nevertheless, nearly half (48%) feel strongly that they would be able to quit smoking at any time.

Moreover, among those Americans who have previously quit or are interested in quitting, more than four in 10 (41%) say gaining weight is their biggest challenge to quitting smoking. Of those concerned with weight gain, 54% are women versus 31% men.

“To help with this challenge, smoking cessation brands can proactively provide healthy solutions and tips to help consumers feel more confident in their ability to quit smoking and keep their weight where they want it,” Krol said.

Of the anti-smoking products currently available, 41% of those interested in quitting say they are interested in trying over-the-counter (OTC) nicotine sprays, and 41% a prescription nicotine inhaler; 40% would go for OTC nicotine replacement lozenges and 38% are interested in nicotine-free cigarettes.

Of non-nicotine replacement based methods, 35% are interested in trying hypnosis, 34% acupuncture and some 37% would be interested in individual therapy or a support group specific for smoking. And 30% are willing to try a quit smoking app on their smartphone or tablet.

While there is an endless supply of smoking cessation options already available ranging from patches to lozenges, it seems consumers have some ideas of their own for different formats to help curb the craving. Of those who have previously quit smoking or are interested in quitting, almost half (48%) would be interested in a nutrition bar or a drink that could help them quit smoking and 46% would like a lollipop with low amounts of nicotine.

When trying different products, it’s very important to 61% of Americans who have previously quit or are interested in quitting that they aren’t left with a craving, and 59% say they don’t want it to be expensive. Meanwhile, 56% say they want a product that’s easy to understand and 54% think it’s very important it doesn’t leave a bad taste in their mouth. When it comes to support systems, one in five (25%) say it’s very important to have an in-person support system or coach.

Source: CSP Daily News


#1 Stephen on 01.21.13 at 3:31 AM

and realise that smokingtobacco is a dying trade, on its way out!
The 4000 chemicals contained in tobacco have 69 chemicals that are medically proven to be involved with causing cancer.
The electronic cigarette is a revlution in the smoking industry an it will slowly take over from smoking traditional cigarettes, (without doubt!!!).
Look in to history and you will realise that “ITS JUST HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF”

In the 1800’s, most people used chewing tobacco to get their nicotine HIT, until in 1880 James Albert Bonsack invented the 1st cigarette rolling machine and within 10 years, 90% of people had switched to smoking cigarettes, because it was a better alternative from chewing tobacco!
The same thing is happening with electronic cigarettes its a better alternative to smoking 4000 chemicals, Tar and being anti-social.

If you are in the Tobacco business to make money, then you must SERIOUSLY get involved in the electronic cigarette business!

The growth is staggering

#2 Sambo Eciger on 01.21.13 at 6:47 PM

@LM – Pls remove the posts by Stephen. One more self serving post. Offering garbage at that.

#3 SNUS GUY on 01.25.13 at 1:19 AM

hey sambo i understand your thought but maybe its an issue of stupidity that folks that understand the industry and tobacco that stephen has no real clue – yes e-cigs have there place but it does not deliver what tobacco delivers – plus what’s to say that one day a filter is developed on a traditional cigarette that removes harm or greatly reduces harm – i saw today that the citibank analyst again makes these ridiculous statements that e-cigs will within a decade pass traditional cigs. i get humor out of the things charles says because most e-cigs may not get pass the fda’s over controlling arm of regulation – deeming regulation is a real threat –

#4 SNUS GUY on 01.25.13 at 1:20 AM

@lm – you need to remove the sales pitch
stephen is misusing the blog

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