Polish survey of e-cigarette users finds 66% no longer smoke


A Polish study, “Patterns of electronic cigarette use and user beliefs about their safety and benefits: An Internet survey,” was published online in the Drug and Alcohol Review. According to the abstract, the “objective of this study was to investigate patterns and effects of e-cigarette use and user beliefs about e-cigarette safety and benefits.”

“The survey was completed by 179 e-cigarette users. Almost all participants used e-cigarettes daily. E-cigarettes were primarily used to quit smoking or to reduce the harm associated with smoking (both 41%), and were successful in helping the surveyed users to achieve these goals with 66% not smoking conventional cigarettes at all and 25% smoking under five cigarettes a day. Most participants (82%) did not think that e-cigarettes were completely safe, but thought that they were less dangerous than conventional cigarettes. Sixty percent believed that e-cigarettes were addictive, but less so than conventional cigarettes.”

The same researcher, Maciej Lukasz Goniewicz, also recently published a survey study on Polish youth and young adult use, “Electronic Cigarette Use Among Teenagers and Young Adults in Poland,” in the PEDIATRICS journal. Researchers report that about “one-fifth of Polish youth have tried e-cigarettes; most of them had previously smoked cigarettes. It is unclear whether e-cigarettes are just a novelty that young people try only once or whether they have potential to compete in the marketplace with conventional cigarettes.” Only 3.2% of those who had never smoked reported trying e-cigarettes.

WHO reported the 2010 Global Adult Tobacco Survey found that the smoking rate for adults 15 years and older in Poland is 28%.



#1 Jersey Kid on 12.12.12 at 11:46 PM

Need more research like this!

#2 OTP Kid on 12.28.12 at 5:18 PM

The title of this subject is misleading. To indicate that if someone uses an ecigarette is not a smoker is false. The consumer is just smoking something in the form of vapor, just as harmful as cigarettes and possibly more dangerous

#3 truth seeker on 12.29.12 at 3:45 AM

@OTP kid I’m so tired of all the bs regarding e-cigs
I mean they all are making false claims. I was at a party this weekend with some friends and this guy keeps telling me that I need to just try this new product that taste and looks like a real cigarette and I noticed that it had a wetness on the end and i said no way am i sucking on that – here i found out it was leaking from another person – oh gosh now that is pretty frightening to be putting nicotine liquid in the mouth – the guy claimed it was the leading brand – well i’d think no way

#4 knoll on 12.29.12 at 6:12 PM

@OTP Kid If there is no SMOKE then it isn’t SMOKING. Vapor and smoke have completely different chemical and physical properties. If you have a humidifier running in your bedroom that is filling the air with vapor, would that be as dangerous as having a charcoal or wood grill in your bedroom that is filling it with smoke? Of course not! E-cigarette vapor doesn’t contain the arsenic, carbon monoxide, ammonia, tar, benzene or formaldehyde found in cigarette smoke; and the FDA tested e-cigarettes and found they had no more “carcinogens” than the trace levels found in FDA-approved nicotine gums/patches and no harmful levels of any chemicals. So, how can you possibly claim e-cigarettes could be even as remotely harmful as cigarettes, let alone possibly more dangerous?? Saying that inhaling e-cigarette vapor is just as bad as inhaling cigarette smoke is like saying drinking beer is just as bad as drinking methanol, just because they are both “alcohol.”
@ truth seeker That moisture on the end was most likely condensation or saliva, not nicotine liquid. High-quality e-cigarettes don’t leak the nicotine solution and any e-cigarette that looks like a cigarette isn’t generally considered high-quality. Even if you did get a bit of the solution in your mouth (which you do, in fact, when you inhale the vapor) it is only 3.6% nicotine anyhow. The media makes it sound like the solution is pure nicotine and if that was true, every one of the few million people using them would already be dead from nicotine poisoning!

#5 truth seeker on 12.29.12 at 11:36 PM

@knoll – nope it was nicotine and this piece of junk was 4.5% nicotine content
– i was told that the leakage is pretty much the case with the disposables sold at retail – was also told that the better performing higher quality brands were found on line

#6 Sambo Eciger on 01.01.13 at 3:07 PM

@truth seeker – you were told wrong. According to industry sources “currently more e-cigs are sold at retail than online. Conservative estimates put current sales at more than 100 million units.”

#7 truth seeker on 01.01.13 at 6:09 PM

@sambo eciger need to read what i stated – never said more sold online – said there were better performing units sold online

#8 Sambo Eciger on 01.01.13 at 11:23 PM

@truth seeker – The piece of junk that you refer to was a “King” by NJOY which has a 4.5% nicotine content. It has a soft tip which when chewed and sometimes even without chewing can result in nicotine leakage. E-cigarettes without a soft tip are not prone to this issue. Leakage is NOT ” pretty much the case with the disposables sold at retail”.

#9 cig city on 01.02.13 at 3:59 AM

oh my @ truth seeker I work retail and I agree with you leakage is common place with disposables and its not just a soft tip issue – there are those that are better than others but @sambo eciger is mistaken – leakage is common place among many of the units sold at retail

#10 jamesweeden on 01.09.13 at 1:21 AM

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