Snus Risk Perception Can Drive Smoking Cessation; The Right to Truth and Health

Excellent article on by Brad Rodu

Norway has been documented recently as the second European country to embrace the substitution of snus for cigarettes, confirming the “Swedish experience” of tobacco harm reduction. Karl Erik Lund, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, has published a series of studies illustrating the “Norwegian experience” (here and here). His newest study shows that a smoker’s willingness to try snus is closely correlated with one’s perception of the product’s health risks relative to cigarettes. The study appears in Nicotine & Tobacco Research (abstracthere).

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#1 Candy Girl on 04.17.12 at 12:32 PM

This is the kind of story, research and research results that have to drive the anti-tobacco zealots absolutely crazy. Imagine- the best and most effective, widely available and inexpensive smoking cessation product is a tobacco product- SNUS. According to the Norwegian research it’s 3x as effective as FDA approved pills, gums, patches or lozenges. It’s critical that SNUS sales and marketing be done with truthful labeling. It’s far less harmful than cigarettes and with respect to the public health and well-being of bystanders- it’s absolutely harmless!! But, egged on by big tobacco’s largest cigarette manufacturers- the zealots have resorted to outright lies to limit marketing and sales of SNUS- the single most effective smoking cessation product available today.

#2 Copenhagen Charley on 04.21.12 at 5:23 PM

It is my sincere hope that one day the anti tobacco folks will just deal with the truth of the science that moist smokeless tobacco is not the menace that they try to portrait it as in their efforts to continue to support their own cause and and raise funds to line their pockets at the expense of peoples life’s that they will now be responsible! The truth is tobacco has degrees of relative harm! Anti’s take your stinking blinders off!

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