Ever Use of Emerging Tobacco Products

Survey finds about 11.1 million adult Americans have used snus, 4 million have used e-cigarettes, and 1.4 million have used dissolvable tobacco products; current smokers 22 times more likely to have used e-cigarettes than never smokers, 7 times more likely to have used dissolvables, and 4 times more likely to have used snus.

http://surveillance.mstobaccodata.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/2011-APHA-Presentation.pdf (PDF)

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#1 Candy Girl on 12.02.11 at 11:35 AM

Some of these results are striking. Specifically, the stat that 27.6% of current smokers and 17.2% of former smokers have used non-traditional alternative tobacco products. I believe that this demonstrates the incredible potential of the alternative market, provided that the offerings include nicotine and certain- but not necessarily all- of the attributes of more conventional smoking products.

#2 aardvark on 12.06.11 at 12:53 PM

Stats are interesting. I sold e-cigs and use em as well as smoke. I never in my one year working at a mall kiosk ever sold to a non smoker or a child, and as figured, non ever wanted them. Curious? Yes! So I question the 22x more likely on that item, since I sold 100’s of units.

#3 Vapor Vixen on 12.08.11 at 2:17 AM

hey a any other learnings from your sales history

#4 edward on 12.08.11 at 2:45 AM

More awareness of the reduced harm exposure of moist smokeless will only fuel the growth. Swedish snus is just being exposed to the US and it will grow significantly as users find out how well it delivers with little exposure to harm.

#5 aardvark on 12.08.11 at 7:15 AM

Only thing I can add is what I found with national numbers of cessation success rate on e-cigs are (from memory now) about 40% quit rate, compared to pharma products , running less than 20%.
A curious thing I found, is with pharma you even have a doctors instruction, and it’s still horrible.
In the e-cig world, most are bought off of the internet or gas station junk, with no instruction for use whatsoever.

When I took effort of setting customers up with a “”proper”” setup and specialized flavors, as well as working with them on nicotine levels, vapor levels and discussing equipment issues, the success rate rose massively. Probably to about 70-80%

So polls are interesting but also vague, and missing specifics. Still a nice thing to read, and I’m not criticizing.

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