BIMO is going to TABEXPO 2011: Here’s why….

“In a fast-changing world where loyalties and friendships
are quickly overcome by economic necessities, BIMO
continues to be pleasantly surprised by the
renewed and sustained support we receive from
our cigarette manufacturing customers, both big
multinationals and small independents.
All of us have been hit by the crisis, by declining
markets, by financial difficulties …. Yet nowhere
else in our diverse markets have we received
the continuous and understanding patronage
than we have received from our tobacco film
And that is why BIMO has chosen
to support TABEXPO 2011 Prague
with our biggest stand and
biggest spend ever.
We are mindful of how well we have
prospered thanks to the dedicated and
professional industry-specific experience of
the Tobacco Reporter organization in Paris,
Vienna, Barcelona and Geneva, my first-ever
tobacco exhibition, already 12 years ago.
Tobacco Reporter is made up of the same people,
offering the same guarantees they have made
for every event. In a very confusing moment for
choosing an event, we can’t afford any more than
the next guy to make the wrong decision and lose
the maximum return on our investment.
Therefore we’re staying with TABEXPO
2011 Prague, the same expo where we met,
welcomed, persuaded and convinced all those
great people and companies who make up our
customer base today.”

Michael Pierse
Sales Director


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