Menthol Madness – Why ban preferred cigarette?

A very interesting article.
What are your thoughts?


#1 Chris Crawley on 11.21.10 at 5:55 PM

There is no evidence menthol is either harmful or an initiating aid in youth smoking. A ban makes no sense, serves no useful harm reduction purpose to the public’s overall health and will inevitably create a contraband market if FDA goes ahead.

#2 Bill Godshall on 11.22.10 at 1:06 PM

While any objective analysis of the evidence finds that menthol and nonmenthol cigarettes are similarly addictive, similarly hazardous and similarly difficult to quit, menthol prohibitionists have been (and will continue) cherry picking outlier data from selective studies to claim that menthol cigarettes are more addictive, more hazardous and more difficult to quit than nonmenthol.

Regardless Obama isn’t going to let DHHS Secretary Sebelius ban menthol cigarettes before the 2012 election unless Obama wants to piss off 15% of black voters and 5% of white voters who smoke menthol, piss off all 50 governors and state legislatures (who rely on menthol cigarette tax revenue and settlement payments), and piss off all 500,000 tobacco retailers (who don’t want to lose 30% of their business).

#3 OTP Kid on 11.24.10 at 12:10 PM

Bill: I agree that menthol will not be banned; however, hardly for the foolhardy reasons you’ve stated. First off, no one will blame Obama for a ban, the population considers the FDA to be autonomous. the African-American population will turn out to vote for Obama regardless if he runs, exemplified in the fact they didn’t turn out at the midterms because he wasn’t on the ticket. He enjoys a 90+% approval rating in that community.

Secondly, your point on lost revenue is flat out wrong. How anyone (except for you I guess) can make the assumption that this revenue would disappear is pure fiction at best. You assume not one person would switch to non-menthol cigarettes, whicvh obviously Lorillard disagrees with as they hedged their bets in introducing a non-menthol Newport. Eliminating menthol would produce only a small decline in consumption and revenue as a small % would take the opportunity to quit, just they do on a price increase.

#4 Fred Johnson on 11.28.10 at 2:00 PM

One upside though menthol e-cig users are more successful at switching to harmless e-cigs then regulars

#5 texas tommy on 12.22.10 at 8:54 PM

Hey if 35% of smokers smoke menthol what will happen to the tax revenue this country relies on?

I have my thoughts but I’m interested in others!

#6 lovemyaire8 on 04.21.11 at 1:18 PM

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#7 Lolita on 06.01.11 at 3:39 AM

Menthol cigarettes are favourite ones for many people, but they were considered to be harmful as such cigarettes are a cause for nicotine addiction more than other cigarettes, and with other additives.

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