FDA – Retailer Tobacco Training Sessions & Workshop

Retailer Tobacco Training Sessions in September Hosted by FDA Followed by Workshop at NACS Show
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will host four more live retailer training sessions in September. The remaining sessions will be in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles. Topics up for discussion are:

Who is subject to the regulation
What products are regulated
Age verification
Displays and vending machines
Samples, Coupons, Sponsorships and Gifts
Light, low, and mild cigarettes
NACS will host a workshop with officials from the FDA to answer retailer questions regarding compliance with the new law at the NACS Show on Thursday October 7th at 9 a.m. Must be registered for the Show to attend.


#1 Anonymous on 09.08.10 at 6:30 PM

SEATTLE – SingleStick cigarettes have quietly passed from convenience stores shelves, the Seattle Times reports. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration halted sales of the single smokes on June 22, but allowed stores until September 1 to sell off their stock.

They were very popular. We sold 80 a day,” said Amy Chinn, owner of the Mercer Mini Mart. “People would ask me what happened. I would tell them, ‘Ask the government. I can’t answer that.’”

Back in 1993, states forbid the selling of single cigarettes. However, a few states like Washington and Oregon allowed the sale of individual cigarettes if each package had its own tax stamp.

Prime Time International packaged single cigarettes in plastic tubes affixed with individual tax stamps. The company said its main source of SingleSticks were smokers wanting to cut down on smoking. Prime Time is still fighting to sell SingleSticks and it has plans to launch a 20-pack of SingleSticks soon.

For more on FDA regulation of tobacco, see the June NACS Magazine feature “New Rules for Tobacco Retailing.”

#2 OTP Kid on 09.30.10 at 3:23 PM

Oh glorious FDA
We bow before your feet
Helping helpless retailers
Comply out on the street

We love your regulations
And we admire all your rules
What would we do without you
We stupid helpless fools

Guide us through this maze
Dr. Deyton FDA Dude
Shout out all your orders
As we all get screwed

Ban the flavors
Ban the Lights
Ban all of the cloves
Save the dumb consumers
Who were dying out in droves

Stop the e-cigs
That people want to buy
You can’t have something better for them
You’d like them all to die

So save us Dr. Deyton
Save me from myself
I praise FDA everyday
They care about my health

#3 Anonymous on 09.30.10 at 8:09 PM

Hey think this would be a good chant for all to proclain at NACS?????

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