Tobacco Scientific Advisory Board Announcement Soon

So who will actually be selected for the key roles of deciding, among other things, whether menthol stays on the US market?  The FDA gave the industry until September 25th to name individuals for the three non-voting slots on its Scientific Advisory Board and then gave itself another 30 days, until October 24th, to send letters to those organizations telling them if they won a slot.  So I guess we will know pretty soon who these “deciders” will be.


#1 Chris Crawley on 12.21.09 at 11:39 AM

FDA recently advised only those in the small manufacturer and leaf groups are eligible to vote – whereas all can vote for the tobacco section as a whole.
This is a victory for the small manufacturers and leaf dealers as they are more likely to be able to nominate an individual knowledgeable about their interests and concerns.

#2 Bill Godshall on 12.22.09 at 1:41 PM

I’m concerned that a majority of the SAB members will be abstinence-only extremists who are more interested in misrepresenting evidence to oppose tobacco harm reduction than in reducing tobacco diseases or deaths.

#3 Khusi on 12.02.15 at 5:24 PM

Thanks for trying to keep up. Patients who have CFS/ME can’t find docorts who actually know anything about this illness, thanks to the CDCs misinformation campaign, so it is heartening to hear of someone who has some interest in learning about it.I hope you take the time to read the comments following the WSJ stories. Many of them are very educational.

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