Coming Together Around FDA Compliance

I understand that two large and a number of smaller cigarette and little cigar manufacturers got together in a law office in Washington DC on September 11th to see if they shared enough common ground to jointly create a new tobacco trade association to lobby on FDA.  Does anyone know where this effort stands?

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#1 Marilyn on 12.02.15 at 5:32 PM

I bet you could handle it. In my opnioin there is a big difference between a stout cigar with lots of spice and pepper, and a cigar with a very full flavor. You would be surprised how many cigars contain mostly ligero. Infact I have really grown to prefer them. Ligers burn slow and cool so you usually get a great burn and ash. Not to mention, ligeros contain the most flavor of all the tobaccos. When a blender such as A.J. here gets the right mix it makes for a great experience!

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