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The e-cigarette was almost unknown a little over a year ago – not so today. It is the hottest and most controversial product to hit the tobacco industry in recent history – and it’s kicking up a storm!

It is a game changer on several front and sits squarely in the front line (read firing line) of tobacco harm reduction.

Congress wants to ban it. FDA may do so – on the basis it is a drug-delivery device (nicotine) not a tobacco product.

The traditional tobacco industry sees competition as does big pharma which sees it as a threat to its highly profitable  NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products – which are considerably more expensive.

Public Health officials cite untested and unproven technology and efficacy. True; in the strictest sense, while completely ignoring the greater issue of protecting public health in self-protecting its own fiefdom. Even the most preliminary research shows it is likely to be considerably safer than cigarette smoking.

Most importantly comsumers want it.

Now you can have your say. Use this forum to make your case.

Use the link to particapte in this survey. Help at least keep the arena competitive, lively and provide consumers with choice. 

Good luck and have fun.


#1 TAZ on 10.13.09 at 2:19 AM

Here is a vote from Arnold!

United States
Prof. Michael Siegel of Boston University’s School of Public Health said California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s announcement that he is not signing Senate Bill 400, which aimed to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the State, is “a great victory for the public’s health” since it ensures that former smokers who quit using e-cigarettes will be able to remain smoke-free rather than be forced to switch back to regular cigarettes. ( 10/12)

#2 Bill Godshall on 10.13.09 at 7:23 PM

I think Schwarzenegger’s refusal to sign the electronic cigarette ban in CA (which originally only banned e-cigarette sales to youth, but was quietly amended and fast tracked to ban all e-cigarette sales) is likely to embolden e-cigarette users and vendors to become more aggressive advocates to keep e-cigarettes legal (which I’ve been encouraging).

There is now so much activity at the leading e-cigarette website
(with a hundred folks online at any given time) that the website is often down and/or very slow, and many of these folks are really sharp.

That said, the much anticipated court ruling in the Smoking Everywhere vs FDA lawsuit will be either very good or very devastating for e-cigarettes and for the FDA.

Hopefully, Judge Leon will rule against the FDA, which will likely pressure the FDA to save face (and become reasonable) by redefining e-cigarettes as tobacco products and regulate them as such.

#3 Renegade on 10.13.09 at 11:58 PM


wouldn’t you say that the delay seems to indicate that the ruling will favor the e-cig business. The judge must be doing a significant amount of documentation to support his possible ruling against the fda!

#4 Bill Godshall on 10.14.09 at 5:37 PM

Unless I’m very familiar with similar previous court rulings and details of the court filings, I don’t try to predict outcomes of court cases.

#5 TAZ on 10.15.09 at 9:20 AM

Interesting to still see folks aggressively looking to market e-cigs.

Nashville, Tennessee-based electronic cigarette manufacturer Smokefree Innotec, Inc announced that it will retain World Market Media, Inc. ( to implement the company’s social media marketing plan. (Market Wire 10/13)

#6 Bill Godshall on 10.16.09 at 12:10 PM

I’ve seen lots of press releases by Smokefree Innotec announcing marketing plans for e-cigarettes, but not aware the company is making/selling any yet. Anyone know when they’re planning to do so, and/or if they’re planning to apply for FDA approval to market their products as smoking cessation aids (as Ruyan appears to be doing)?

Its my understanding that the two largest e-cigarette companies in the US (i.e. in sales) are Smoking Everywhere and NJoy, with many dozens (perhaps a hundred) of other vendors.

Most of the e-cigarette products sold in the US are manufactured in China (by Chinese companies), and imported to the US, but manufacturing in the US is growing.

#7 E-Mist Guy on 10.26.09 at 6:51 PM

Rumor has it that the judge will provide his ruling over the next few days. Looks to favor e-cigs and probably find the FDA was wrong in its actions but ultimately oversee these products as they hold hope as a way to save lives!

#8 OTP Kid on 10.28.09 at 11:38 AM

E-cigarettes are doomed. If you think otherwise, you must be illiterate or have been participating some military LSD tests that you were unaware of.

#9 Bill Godshall on 11.02.09 at 5:01 PM

Any court ruling in Smoking Everywhere vs FDA almost certainly will be appealed by the losing side, and the case is likely to take years to wind through the federal courts.

But even if the FDA wins all court battles against e-cigarette companies, the agency cannot put the nicotine vaporizing Genie back in the bottle, just as marijuana use increased for many decades under ever more punitive federal and state prohibition laws.

#10 ejuice on 04.08.13 at 2:18 PM

Not had a cigarette for six months now due to using an e-cig.

Now I am a promoter of e-cigarettes. I tell everybody
I meet to just search on Google for for e-cigarettes to see how well established this business is, and how large the selection
is for these fantastic products is. What p*sses me off, though,
are the increasing number of articles in the major press saying how deadly they are.
Apparently the big drugs companies – the manufacturers
of stop smoking helpers are supporting an anti-e-vape campaign – less so the cigarette firms (as one might think) – as many are putting money into
them. I can FEEL the improvements of e cigs. Just saying – that there is always
a secret accord with these b*stards trying to prohibit e cigarettes .
.. our country’s politicos should do a lot more to help. It makes me so agitated. I will be really angry if they ban them.

#11 clearomizer on 04.17.13 at 3:31 PM

Not had a real cigarette for six months now thanks to
using e-vapes. I am now an evangelist for these electric cigs.
I tell everybody I meet to just search on the web for for e-cigs to
see for themselves how well rooted this industry is, and
how huge the range is for these superb products is. What really annoys me, though, are the growing number of stories in the news press
saying how damaging they are. Apparently pharmaceutical companies – the producers of
end smoking products are supporting an anti e-cigarette pr campaign – not so much the fag firms (as one might presume), as they are investing in them.
I can FEEL the improvements of e cigs. Just FYI
– that there is always a reason with these self-interested
faceless types trying to stop electronic cigarettes – our country’s legislators could do a lot more to promoter their use. It makes me despondent. I really hope they don’t ban them.

#12 OTP Kid on 04.18.13 at 9:48 AM

As you’ve been warned by yours truly…

U.S. senators Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.), Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Jack Reed (D-R.I.) signed the letter to FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

“Unlike traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes can be legally sold to children and are not subject to age verification laws,” the senators wrote. “E-cigarettes marketed to appeal to kids in candy and fruit flavors, like bubblegum and strawberry, are readily available to youth in shopping malls and online. These products risk addicting children to nicotine, which could be a pathway to cigarettes and other tobacco products.”

The letter also said, “As a result of the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act of 2009, the FDA has made commendable efforts to enhance the regulation of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products; however, we have seen the emergence of novel nicotine products for which FDA has yet to assert regulatory authority, such as electronic cigarettes, which raise concerns regarding safety and marketing to children

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