Big Pharma and the Nicotine War

I’d like to explore what some believe is the truth behind the “anti-smoking” movement. The following thoughts may be controversial to some. So let’s get right to the topic of discussion!

Some in the industry believe Big Pharma in it’s quest to gain control of the nicotine empire has been a great supporter of the anti-smoking movement. Many will tell you that the anti-smoking movement has just been a cover for the anti-tobacco movement. An anti-tobacco movement that bodes well for the pharmaceutical industry.

At stake is the control of the largest market known to humanity, with an estimated 1.2 billion customers on this planet. The projected financial returns to Big pharma from smoking “cessation” (which, in reality, is not cessation, but a different way to assume nicotine) are truly staggering, and beyond the imagination of many including those in the tobacco industry. The battle is well worth the multi-billion dollar investments by Big Pharma as it seeks to control international and national institutions, politicians, and the media.

I admit I have a bias. I have spent my entire life in the tobacco industry. Am I just blinded by my bias or am I on target? I have watched those on the anti side argue the “no smoke deal” only to win that battle but not be satisfied. They then take to what I believe was their true cause an “anti-tobacco” movement. The tobacco industry has been accused of misleading the public. But has Big Pharma taken over that role? Is the government their tool as it seems that harm reduction is a “no-no” unless governed by Big Pharma and in the very near future it’s partner, the FDA?

If you disagree with my thoughts, let me know why. If you agree I’d like to know why. What are your thoughts? What do you think about Big Pharma and Nicotine? Do you agree or disagree about their involvement in the anti-smoking movement? The anti-tobacco movement?


#1 History Buff on 05.09.09 at 10:41 PM

Nicotine is known to help many illnesses. It helps dimentia, Alzheimer’s, increases vein growth and a lot more. Now why wouldn’t the pharmaceutical industry want to own it? Just think of a $100 pill in place of ONE cigarette!

Meanwhile, the pharma industry makes the big bucks off the no smoke products while they in turn BUY negative research with grants to fit their agenda and bans with grants to orgs and institutions who are the middle man (they profit).

Tobacco is IN the same food group as potato, tomato, green pepper, cauliflower, chili’s, egg plant and other foods. They ALL contain nicotine, but the general public doesn’t know it. … It is served in restaurants and school cafeterias. Are those the next ban and high tax items?

#2 brogers on 05.09.09 at 10:45 PM

I do not think you are blindsighted but perfectly on target.

#3 brogers on 05.09.09 at 10:48 PM

The miracle supplement (for skin, heart, brain rejuvenation) Coenzyme Q10 is extracted from tobacco leaf. WebMistress: Coenzyme Q10 is also essential in fighting cancer!!!
In Coenzyme Q10: A Miracle Vitamin ( ) , Dr. Richard A. Kunin extols the benefits of Coenzyme Q10. He also says:
The energy of oxidation in cells depends on CoQ in partnership with niacinamide (vitamin B3), riboflavin (vitamin B2), and minerals such as iron and copper to effect the movement of electrons and hydrogen protons in the power plant of cell, the mitochondrion.

Incidentally, tobacco leaf is the champion source, containing 184 mg in a quarter pound.
Note that the doctor follows with the disclaimer, “In fact, the Japanese companies make their CoQ from tobacco, however it is only released by means of bacterial fermentation not by smoking.” The fact remains that CoQ 10 is a natural miracle for the human body and its chief source is tobacco! Those MDs just can’t get their heads around the fact that tobacco is a valuable gift from nature! Now take a look at what a pharmacy ( ) has to say about natural vs. synthetic CoQ10:
The natural CoQ10 in Qmelt is made via fermentation in which a microorganism (in the case of CoQ10, a bacterium or yeast) naturally produces CoQ10. The CoQ10 is then extracted from the organism and concentrated. It is termed natural since it is normally and naturally produced by the yeast or bacterium from which it was taken. This is different from synthetic CoQ10 which is made by taking a compound found in tobacco and then mixing it with other chemicals to form a similar structure of CoQ10. While tobacco is natural, CoQ10 is not taken from tobacco in this synthetic process….the only thing taken from the tobacco is a compound which is used as the starting material for chemically creating CoQ10. That is why it is referred to as a synthetic process. Tobacco or plants in general do not contain significant amounts of CoQ10
The pharmacy “information” is in direct contradiction of what is known by everyone else: (1) tobacco is the chief source of CoQ10 with an abundance of the enzyme and (2) the means by which CoQ10 is extracted is not chemical, although it might involve fermentation. (Note: The fermentation process might involve beets or fermented sugar cane.)
AN IMPORTANT NOTE: The doctor cited above comments on the importance of CoQ in partnership with other nutrients, including niacinamide, AKA nicotinic acid, niacin and vitamin B3. This is a form of nicotine, which could result from the alteration of nicotine as it is very unstable. Please see Facts about Nicotine ( ).

#4 marleneb on 05.09.09 at 10:48 PM

One really doesn’t have to look very far to see that big pharma controls the state and federal government. How else would an industry create governmental policy to wipe out the competition (tobacco) with lies and studies with paid for conclusions, yet advertise drugs that the public can’t even get without a prescription. Not to mention that these drugs kill over 100,000 people a year in the U.S. alone! So who is there to stop the government and an industry with billions of dollars that are hand in hand?

#5 marleneb on 05.10.09 at 12:35 AM

Big pharma aka Johnson & Johnson markets the only smoking cessation products on the market, Nicoderm and Nicorette. Tobacco is the competition. They completely influence legislation and spend billions of dollars to do it.
Do you remember when you went to a doctor, that he/she owned their OWN business?
Now all are connected to a group and a hospital and they MUST run their office, exams and all per the head rules.
You made an appointment by name without ever giving your SS # for nothing.

I’ve heard that for some time now, that when babies are born, they take a blood sample from the heel for DNA without parents permission and it is in a giant gov database. Note that they now also give the child a SS number while still in the hospital. It used to be a thing got when one got their first job. I venture to say that the SS number and DNA is matched that day for life.

Recently I’ve wondered with routine lab tests (for all not DNA sampled at birth), what else is tested / test run that we do not know about.

With this stuff about a national health insurance and 660,000 (or was it 666,000) orgs eyes now IN our medical records AND considering what we know the pharma’s want and are doing for controls and SALES …. I think we are fighting a giant cancer.

#6 Pam P. on 05.10.09 at 1:03 AM

This “non” profit foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, paid 99 million dollars in grants to the ACS, ALA and AHA for smoking bans: (pg. 5 shows the $99,000,000 grant to the AMA and shows how the AMA doled it out to the ACS, ALA and AHA for tobacco “control”) Only providing tobacco education got grant money taken away from grantees. The RWJF wanted tobacco “control” (aka BANS). Why? Take my state, Ohio, for example.
RWJF, in 2006 when Ohio’s ban was bought and paid for by RWJF via the ACS/SmokeFree Ohio, RWJF owned 55,983,308 shares of Johnson & Johnson stock valued at $3,696,018,000.
RWJF was created by the founder of J&J.
J&J owns Nicorette
3 studies have proven that these products:
1) only have a 1.6% success rate for quitting smoking 1 year Yes-that’s a 98.4% FAILURE rate (however it is interesting to read the authors of this study laud this rate as a success compared to the placebo-and the authors are tied to Big Pharma)
2) the gum and lozenges, in a study, are now linked to possible oral cancer
3) 80% of the kids who attempted to buy NRT products were successful at doing so (maybe it was the candy flavors of the gum that the anti smoking cartel uses against the tobacco companies that enticed the underaged)
Here’s one more question. Why are they having such a fit over dissolvable tobacco and the electronic cigarette? ANSWER: because Big pHARMa isn’t profiting from them. Remember, this is all supposedly about the fictitious secondhand smoke? Dissolvable and electronic tobacco wouldn’t harm anyone by secondhand anything. And yet any nicotine not purchased by Big pHARMa is forbidden.
Now do you see what this is all really about?
Money for Big pHARMa and the non-profits. NO money for the bars, restaurants and private clubs that are closing. More and more people are discovering the truth behind this social engineering they call “denormalizing” our behaviors.

It’s a win-win for these health nazis. Papers reported 1,000,000 boxes of NRT sold January, 2008. They get to profit and push their social engineering. They opted for smoking bans first to close as many bars as they could so that when they push the alcohol bans, less opposition. They even paid Stanton Glantz over a million dollars to create the website “TobaccoScam” to create the fallacy that Big Tobacco says the bans hurt the hospitality industry. Ask the people who own hospitality businesses!!! Ohio papers reported “More Ohioans are drinking more booze than ever before..and they’re doing it at home”

After alcohol, then sugar, fatty foods, etc. Insurance will be doled out to the “deserving” and those of us who choose their definition of “unhealthy lifestyles” will be the less deserving.

It’s all about money, greed and power. It’s not going to be pretty when this all blows up. People are starting to see what’s going on. Anyone involved is going to be covered in “it”.

#7 fedup on 05.10.09 at 11:50 AM

I must say I agree

#8 Bill Godshall on 05.10.09 at 2:54 PM

Just as Philip Morris negotiated and agreed to the FDA tobacco legislation in 2004 (to protect its Marlboro cigarette market from competition by smokefree tobacco/nicotine alternatives), just as Reynolds and Swedish Match advocate ad valorem state OTP taxation (to protect their lower price OTP products from price competition by higher priced OTP alternatives), and just as cigarette companies endorsed (behind the scenes) huge SCHIP tax hikes for RYO and little cigars (to protect their markets from price competition by RYO and little cigars), drug companies have been advocating policies to protect their nicotine gums, lozenges and skin patches from market competition by tobacco products and by other smokefree nicotine alternatives.

Clearly, some anti tobacco extremists (with drug company funding) have coopted policies of many that used to consider themselves part of the anti smoking movement.

But finger pointing by one company against a competitor, by one segment of the tobacco/nicotine industry against another, by health advocates against the entire tobacco industy, or by folks in the tobacco industry against the public health community doesn’t resolve anything.

The FDA still hasn’t approved the NY State Health Commissioner’s petition to allow nicotine lozenges, gums and patches be sold in daily dose packages and in all stores that sell cigarettes, and to provide accurate health information on their warning labels.

These least hazardous nicotine products are still more severely (and absurdly) regulated by the FDA than cigarettes will become under the Waxman/Kennedy FDA legislation.

#9 Virgilk on 05.17.09 at 2:20 PM

What can I add to these? They have this Fraud about SHS/ETS pegged for what it is. A MARKETING PROGRAM TO SELL PHARMACEUTICAL NICITINE.

Smoking in the US has dropped from 54% to less than 24%. Cancer has risen by more than smoking has dropped.
The 1992 EPA Report was vacated by Anti- Tobacco Federal Judge Osteen and was backed up by independent Scientists working with him and two Congressional Committees. The ACS had to remove an Ad in the NY Times because they could not prove their 53,000 deaths due to SHS/ETS. Over 250 studies find no connection of SHS to Cancer or Heart Disease. Even the ACS and WHO, in their largest studies, found the same conclusion.
This push for Smoking Bans and higher Taxes is The Marketing Plan by Big-Pharma to sell Smoking Cessation NRT’S.
Tobacco is used to make Cancer and Heart Disease fighting drugs.
So who is lying about Tobacco?
Think Diesel, infection and virus you will find the real culprit along with Big-Pharma.

#10 Moses on 10.18.09 at 12:37 AM

All I can say is there is something fishy about all of these organizations like Legacy, and NTCA. Anytime someone tells you they are spending all of this money advertising because they care about your well being…..yeah right. Just like everything else..follow the money. The same with healthcare and the environmental crisis….follow the money. Don’t be
stupid. There are very few people who really are concerned with our well being enough to spend their money to help us.

#11 marleneb on 10.22.09 at 10:16 AM

Big pharma is nothing but a tax exempt contractor, that hires through grants of enormous amounts of money for tobacco control, organizations like the American Cancer Society, ASH, Tobacco Free Kids, etc., also tax exempt, as Perception Management firms. They are paid to to create “truth”. Created truth is controllable. PM uses select information involving falsehood and deception. Really smoke and mirrors to get people to believe what they want the “truth” to be. Not to be confused with public diplomacy, Perception Management as a rule uses deception to influence emotions to an end. The difference between real and perception is like a stick of dynamite and the A-bomb. Wars can be created using Perception Management! Everyone, really, has seen PM in practice, and small business owners are experiencing this with legislation against their Constitutional rights. It requires absolutely no courage to support a popular position, even if completely wrong or illegal.

#12 Virgilk on 10.28.09 at 6:35 PM

The WHO has been working on how to fool the people about SHS/ETS since 1975 when they were told the only way to get people to stop smoking was to make the public believe that SHS/ETS was killing their children and all the people around them. So, if Cigarettes were to be introduced now it would take many years to get the people brainwashed to swallow this fraud that SHS/ETS WAS KILLING PEOPLE.
Anyone over 30 has been raised around SHS. If it were as dangerous as they would have us believe, everyone over 30 would be DEAD.
The longest/largest studies by the ACS, the WHO and over 250 other studies found no connection to Cancer or Heart Disease. It’s about time people were catching on to the fraud.
The 1993 EPA report has been vacated as a fraud by Federal Judge Osteen and by two Congressional Committees. Why hasn’t the media exposed this? Could it be that they are paid too well to keep it hidden? IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT PROFIT, for Pharmaceuticals, NOT HEALTH. WAKE UP.

#13 Marti on 03.26.11 at 2:38 PM

I don’ know if this has anything to do with the subject at hand. But I tried the nicorette gum and my blood pressure went thru the roof. So I quit and went back to smoking. (after 9 months). I have ADD/HD, and nicotine is the only thing that keeps it under control and I can feel normal. Otherwise I would have to take something like Ridilin, which changes a person. I want a nicotine pill, can’t find one anywhere. Got any suggestions. Thanks

#14 TAZ on 03.26.11 at 3:13 PM

Star Tobacco – makes a lozenge that you let disolve (do not bite) called Stonewall. They also have another product called Ariva.
You may also want to try Snus. It is a small teabag like pouch of tobacco. Reynolds has a Camel Snus called Frost that many like. Very discreet and it works. There are several other Snus offerings. General by Swedish Match is awesome also but limited availability at retail. Reynolds and Philip Morris Snus products are everywhere!
Report back please.

#15 fedup on 08.19.12 at 6:58 AM

A stop smoking “cure” could be done overnight by doctors prescribing nicotine tablets. Of course this would change the huge money maker industry for tobacco to the pharma companies & doctors. Only change would be people would not be inhaling the tobacco but instead, swallowing it. The habit portion would still have to be dealt with in changing lifestyle.

#16 marbee on 08.24.12 at 12:19 AM

fedup, that’s the plan! Pharma FUNDS all the smoking bans and the fake second hand smoke “studies” and lobbies lawmakers to enact laws against people and property to feed their bottom line. It never had anything to do with health!

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