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The conventions are over and the nominees have accepted – Tuesday November 4th will be upon us before we know it.

From an industry perpsective – the tobacco industry will be asking who will be the better candidate for them?

In the US both Schip legislation and FDA regulation are on the agenda. Both will have an enormous impact on the future of tobacco in the US.

John McCain on the Republican ticket – and normally the party more supportive of the industry – is campaigning as taking on big tobacco.

Democrat Barack Obama is a recent ex-smoker.

If you have an opinion vote here in our tobacco survey and check back to see how your colleagues think.

Which US presidential candidate do you believe is most favorable to the tobacco industry?

  • John McCain (70%, 56 Votes)
  • Barack Obama (30%, 24 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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#1 Cowboys Stink on 09.12.08 at 10:42 AM

If you are a fan of the tobacco industry you have to lean towards McCain. Less government is better for the industry. If we want to be a Socialist society where the government regulates and taxes everything, then Barack Hussein Obama is your choice..

#2 Cowboys Stink on 09.12.08 at 11:04 AM

Furthermore, more regulation = liberal agenda. This means that innovation stops and we never get a chance to see what life saving products entrepreneurs can develop. We have to balance the democraticly controlled Congress.

#3 deep throat on 09.12.08 at 1:59 PM

Here we go again – right wing propaganda – the only good government is a republican government.
The interesting issue here is McCain is actively campaigning on a anti-tobacco platform – still think this is the right choice?

#4 Cowboys Stink on 09.12.08 at 2:12 PM

We both know that anti-tobacco is an easy way to get votes. But, at the end of the day, McCain wants less government. Adding more responsibility to a agency that is a disaster is just a bad idea.

#5 Sweetness on 09.12.08 at 5:16 PM

On a more serious note the only individual on either ticket worth voting for is Sarah Palin. She has convictions based on “values that this country was founded on by our forefathers”!

#6 NC Tarheel on 09.14.08 at 9:53 AM

Pretty sad when neither candidate is worthy of the position. But I will cast my vote along the lines of National security. McCain at least will protect our country and by the way wear a flag pin and pledge allegience to our flag with out question. Will allow us to live with minimal fear!

#7 Johnie Jay on 09.24.08 at 1:24 AM

I was thinking about this yesterday – I like the values that are lived by the Sarah & Cindy! There are no values in the democratic camp. Pretty funny to see Biden attacking Obamas ads! My vote is for the leader who has paid his dues protecting our country. Obama says he will end the war in Iraq. I say keep it on foreign soil. He will end it and they will then come after us on our own soil! I salute you John McCain! You have vote and my family. Both families on the republican side know the costs. What does Obama know other than how to start ground root organization with one purpose to tear down this country!

#8 Tobocatman on 10.02.08 at 1:36 AM

Democracy looks to be in it’s last days when it presents such awful candidates to protect it! Pretty sad if you ask me!

#9 RockytheRealist on 10.14.08 at 6:42 PM

MCain. Deepthroat, since when is wanting less government (higher taxes and more social programs) “right wing propaganda” ? Get a grip!

#10 Brave heart on 10.16.08 at 1:00 AM

Less govt is cool with me. I just hope those who don’t get to voice their opinion show up and vote for less govt.

#11 Smoker Babe on 10.30.08 at 4:06 PM

It’s pretty sad to see a candidate that is so liberal pull the wool over folks eyes with his lies. My daddy when he was alive always told me that you are who your friends are. Obama has too many controversial anti american friends that want to see this country fall. I’m apalled that he supports partial birth abortions and will deny folks the rights to protect themselves under the second amendment. He has no experience and Hillary would have been a better choice.

#12 Brian Griffin on 10.31.08 at 6:59 PM

Looks like the socialist regime is going to take over. Say goodbye to working hard and keeping your money.

The economy of the lazy is coming our way. Wait until cig taxes go to the moon and Americans are forced to quit smoking because we just can’t afford it anymore.

Then the states will find new sources of revenue and what is next–Fuel. I hope this young generation learns its lesson that change is ok. But..make the correct change.

What a disaster…

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