What about the cigarette smokers?

Smoking may be declining in the US but there are still around 60 million smokers here and in terms of harm reduction they are increasingly sidelined. This assumes that they choose not to migrate to smokeless – and not everyone will.

That leaves the cigarette business in a bit of a quandry – and the public health community too – strange bed fellows to say the least.

I don’t buy it that smokers will migrate en-masse to smokeless. It may have worked in Sweden but I content it won’t work (completely) here.

This leaves US cigarette smokers without harm reduction choices at present. Is this the way to treat your customers?


#1 CIG GUY on 05.31.08 at 10:51 AM

Read yesterday that PM is all for the smokeless business and other forms of satisfaction. So maybe they are seriously looking at what you propose.

#2 Tommieboy on 06.10.08 at 1:26 AM

Chris – Here’s the question that needs to be answered? If the industry would develop a product that was safer would they be morally and ethically responsible to let the people know or would our politically correct government stand in it’s way! Or would the industry stay quiet while they know the product exists but not let folks know? And what happens in the future if it comes out that in the year 2002 or 2004 or 2007 or 2009 a product was developed and the industry is damned again for not being truthful!

#3 Walter Raleigh on 06.23.08 at 9:54 PM

From a tobacco growers perspective I see the industry being damned for keeping a secret. But it truly is because all the parties are unwilling to work on the issue at hand together.

#4 Copenhagen Charlie on 07.01.08 at 11:37 PM

If what I have been hearing correctly I think folks are saying that smokeless is safer than cigarettes.

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