“Being unable to see any values beyond not smoking”

In my reading today, I found an article on the TMA website that I found to be very interesting that I’d like to know what you think! Read on and blog on!

Boston University School of Public Health professor Michael Siegel said on November 27th that Smokefree Pennsylvania’s recent statement that “Repeatedly exposing a child to hazardous tobacco smoke pollution is child abuse” illustrates the current mentality of the anti-smoking movement, which “is unable to see any values beyond not smoking… and has been overtaken by fanaticism.”  Dr. Siegel said the movement attaches a moral value to not smoking instead of a health value, and it has become a “zeal unchecked by reason.”  He said exposing a child to environmental tobacco smoke in and of itself is not a form of child abuse, and only overzealous thinking would lead one to the conclusion that virtually all parents in the 1980s and earlier were child abusers, since ETS exposure was ubiquitous at the time.  The lack of reasoning precludes him from considering himself a part of the current anti-smoking movement, he said.  As a scientist and a trained policy analyst, he cannot stray away from reason, argumentation and development of solid foundations for policy positions, he said.  The current anti-smoking movement’s “abandonment of reason” results in an incorrect and absurd definition of child abuse, he said (tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com 11/27).

Has the “anti-smoking movement” gone overboard? Or do you side with Smokefree Pennsylvania? What are your thoughts about Dr. Siegel? Is he right? Is he wrong? Seems pretty controversial! So tell me what you think?


#1 monte cristo on 11.29.07 at 11:00 PM

I think this has absolutely gone too far. I mean it’s apparent to me that the anti-smoking establishment is just using mis-information.

#2 Tatler on 12.04.07 at 4:11 PM

Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself – said Doris Lessing – quoted in the Charlotte Observer.

Much of the anti-smoking position is undermined by ignoring science and at times some common sense.
Smoking in front of children is not child abuse. Such comments mark the issuer extreme and over-zealous. Buyer beware.

Too many though are content to jump on the bandwagon and repeat the same rhetoric without a thought if it is right, rationale or correct.

#3 Legend on 12.09.07 at 10:57 AM

Anti-smoking groups remind me of the ‘clicks’ there were back in high school. With the decline of the smoking population, it is easy to be a zealot whether you are right or the information you are basing your fevor on are correct. It would be interesting to see how this man’s child abuse charges stand up to his own household. How does he discipline his child knowing that no way is correct with all the other groups out there. And then there’s sex and drugs and all sorts of other things. I grew up with both my parents smoking for most of their lives and not I or any of my brothers or sisters smoke or have lung disease of any sort. How did we do that?

#4 Mr. Puff on 01.16.08 at 1:08 AM

The anti smoking establishment needs to be stopped! I found an interesting article about this that leads me to believe a lot of the funding is coming from the pharmaceutical industry. Can this be verified? Amazing!

#5 fredmertz on 01.18.08 at 2:49 PM

It would not surprise me if the PI is instrumental in funding and providing guerilla marketing tactics supporting these efforts.
Let’s fight back and get tobacco products removed from all locations that have pharamacies and claim to be in the “health” business. I’d like to see all tobacco sales from drug, mass and grocery come to our stores!!

#6 Mr Puff on 02.03.08 at 12:54 AM

Fred sounds like a great idea. Just think they can fill the back wall with Nicorette!

#7 Walter Raleigh on 03.08.08 at 1:09 AM

Well I read that there are several NY grocery chains getting out of the cigarette business. I can’t imagine that they sold many cartons any way. Target doesn’t sell cigarettes! They don’t seem to miss the business. Plus I think folks forget that the NY stores can lose their lottery license if they sell to an underage shopper.

#8 Native Son on 04.20.08 at 1:38 AM

With the recent increase in the state excise tax in NY the idea of folks not selling cigarettes doesn’t surprise me in light of the inventory cost. It won’t surprise me if this doesn’t continue. If you consider the economics of selling cigarettes in NY one seriously could be presented with a losing proposition. The state will see a loss in tax revenues as has already been shown to be the case in New Jersey. And the state continues to give the smoker reason to visit native soil. Whose to blame? Obviously the legislative club in Albany. Pretty messed up if you ask me!

#9 Jack on 01.01.12 at 11:40 PM

According to an article I read from woodburnersmoke dot net wood smoke is 12 times more carcinogenic than tobacco smoke. I hope the anti-smoking people don’t take their kids camping or like to have cookouts! I think this is a sad attempt at further demonizing smokers. I hate smoking and don’t think anyone should, or that you should smoke around kids or certainly if you are pregnant, but saying that it equates to child abuse is clearly slander.

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