TabExpo – update

TabExpo is next week and France has thrown out the welcome mat – not.

Transport strikes are in full swing – although hopefully this will all be over – but if not, take a good pair of shoes and a raincoat.

I was told it is not yet sure if smoking will be allowed! Wasn’t this a pre-requisite to having the show in Paris?

We plan to do interviews at the show – if you’d like us to visit your stand please e-mail me at

These will be posted on this blog after the show and give you some free advertising

With the show being so close to the US Thanksgiving Holiday we’re not sure how many Americans will attend – or even be able to afford to given the current exchange rate! Next time can we arrange the show so it does not conflict with national or religious holidays. I suppose it’s better than Barcelona which actually took place Thanksgiving week. As a result US attendance was slight.

Oh and most important of all – I’m told Borgwaldt will have beer on their stand. How thoughtful.

If anyone is planning on having espresso or ice cream please let me know?


#1 John Rolfe on 11.23.07 at 1:00 PM

Great idea Chris to do these real-time interviews. I assume you will then be uploading them to this web site…is this what they call podcasting these days? So what is the plan: folks with new products and services can ask you to come to their stand at a certain time to be video’d? Do you have a sign-up calendar available anywhere on this site?

#2 Chris Crawley on 12.06.07 at 4:29 PM

Hi John:
We managed to do 3 interviews are expect to have them loaded in the next couple of days.

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