Tabexpo – 2 weeks to go – are you ready?

You’d better be – or close to it – because before you know it you’ll be there and it will all be over for another four years!

Otherwise known as the Tobacco Olympics, not only because it happens every four years but also for the amount of time and effort required to participate. It has become a spectacularly expensive event. Is it worth it?

Some say yes – others no. What do you think?

Hauni and others have chosen not to participate as they have in the past.

Is this detrimental to the show? Or does thisĀ give other suppliers a chance?

Should we continue to hold a Tabexpo event every four years – or change fundamentally the way we go to market?

We’d like to know – so if you have an opinion post it here……………………………


#1 John Rolfe on 11.13.07 at 6:31 AM

As exhibitors we tried to get a copy of the attendee list to email out a notice to them but the organizers refused to send it to us. I understand that for $5,000 they will do a mailing for you. Is this a first? Anybody else get this message from them?

#2 MST on 11.16.07 at 3:10 PM

These events have become more and more expensive over the years and I would guess that the response of the major cigarette make-pack guys to no longer spend $1 million plus assembling their platforms is an example of how the suppliers need to cut back and how shows like this are viewed as more social events than business events. This said the organizers now have Dr. Kater to pay so the prices need to go up if everyone is going to get their take. If the organizers can deliver a large buying crowd than the money is not really much but if they can not and the event is viewed increasingly as something that just benefits the organizers and an industry that needs more social events then the price of seeing and meeting each other will become more of an issue.

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