This week the convenience store industry converges on Atlanta, Ga. to participate in it’s annual trade show. Industry participants will find a “lot of the old” and a “lot of the new” at this impressive trade show. Many interested in the tobacco industry however will have their interests focussed on a pretty impressive looking round tin that has been launched at retail in the Atlanta market by Philip Morris. Here’s your chance to share your thoughts with others regarding this launch!


#1 Big Tuna on 09.10.08 at 8:41 PM

For all those folks that thought Marlboro Moist was as good as Copenhagen. Think again if it was true then why did PM go spend 11.7 million dollars. The reason – Marlboro Moist is bad! Even giving it away to consumers didn’t work. I hope they keep a few folks on board to run the moist side of the business. And a serious word of advice from a big time dipping retailer, moist tobacco is not cigarettes and needs to be marketed differently! I wonder if they will understand how to market a product with a shelf life of a couple of weeks. Don’t mess with my Cope!

#2 Peter on 11.02.08 at 9:36 PM

Any one know what is the status with Marlboro Moist in Georgia now that Philip Morris is buying USST?

#3 Stu on 01.11.09 at 11:05 PM

Any one know if PM is going to expand the test? It’s been in Georgia a long time now.

#4 Bill Godshall on 01.12.09 at 2:17 PM

Last week, David Adelman (at Morgan Stanley) reported that Altria will;
– reduce the price of Skoal and Copenhagen by $.30/can in SE states, and
– end its test market of Marlboro MST in Atlanta.

While Adelman also indicated that Altria may test market Marlboro MST in other locations, I suspect that Marlboro MST wasn’t selling well in Atlanta, and that future test markets for Marlboro MST may be with a different tasting (and perhaps different nicotine content) product.

#5 Sunny on 02.13.09 at 12:02 AM

Reading thru all the posting here on this topic it’s obvious the bloggers had it right as PM discontinued the Marlboro brand of moist tobacco.

#6 Copenhagen Charlie on 05.06.10 at 11:58 PM

Pretty interesting thought made in one of the posts. Looks like Redman out dueled Marlboro and WON!

#7 Shadrick on 12.05.19 at 6:21 AM

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